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A huge suite of various marketing tools with a user-friendly interface and Zapier integration at very affordable prices makes ActiveCampaign a great choice for all businesses. More client-related data via site and event tracking, a drag and drop automation builder tool, split-testing tools for emails and customized content for your visitors and users are just some of the easy to navigate features available.

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This is the most frustrating company ever. They will cripple your business at a moments notice and not even have dialogue with you. They suspended my account even though all contacts had opt-in. By suspending an accounts means all automation stops, all campaigns stop, no more forms completed so weeks of work just get written… Top reviewer

Active campaign

March 1, 2018

Pros: Nice interface Allows you to easily import your contact lists Very simple automation tools. It’s own crm Cons: The support staff is not very friendly. Template library is not overwhelming. The customer support is slow and sometimes unresponsive. Top reviewer

Pros: A small company can benefit greatly from the ability to send targeted messages to customers based on their behaviors. Cons: I would love to be able to work in edit mode and publish from there. Would also like to see a more customizable dashboard. Top reviewer

I would recommend for sure. People should definitely take the training and watch the videos. Pros: It has most of the features found in other software of the same but at a much better price. Active Campaign has wide integration capabilities that I look forward to exploring. I use it with WordPress and it integrates… Top reviewer

Time! Setup it up once (and pretty quickly too) and forget about it. Nothing better than that!! Top reviewer

You can automate anything with this smart and reliable email marketing platform. Top reviewer

I used Active Campaign to set up a sample email campaign for a large home builder, and they were pleased with the level of functionality that it provided. Top reviewer

Active Campaign is a Hero because one of the first who provides automation software for a little price. But the problem is that active Campaign reached one milestone and now they don t move foreward. Today it s not enough only to offer one single feature. Marketer wants All in One Solutions Top reviewer

This software gives us everyday the opportunity to fastly make marketing decisions and plan some marketing campaing, for user research, get market data, and also we can learn a lot from the data that is beautifully displayed in a huge dashboard with nice reports. Top reviewer

I like the ease of setting up an automation for different email campaigns. I’ve been able to create several optins for my business and easily create an email funnel that gives me accurate and in-depth information about my prospects.

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