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For your retargeting needs, AdRoll is a content and blogging platform for those who have the time, manpower or inclination to handle ad design, upload and monitoring themselves. Reviewers mention that it takes a little time to figure out how to use this B2B platform, but also mention that customer services is extremely helpful. Tag and track your visitors so you can send them appropriate ads or triggered emails. For correct pricing you will need to sign up first, but as this is what you want your visitors to do, why shouldn’t you?

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Pros: I love the customer service. It’s really easy to get in touch with someone and have them walk you through the campaign. Throughout the year, we always had people that would call us up and help us make decisions for our campaigns. It’s also really cost-effective which has been great for our smaller clients.… Top reviewer

Pros: AdRoll has THE best chat support I’ve ever experienced. I’ve chatted with 3 different reps, and each was extremely knowledgeable. Also, all three went above and beyond by providing additional tips after answering my question, AND following up with more tips in an email. Cons: Some of the setup steps were not intuitive, but… Top reviewer

Adroll provides an easy way to create and monitor your retargeting campaigns, so your website visitors get tagged with a cookie and start seeing your display ads all over other websites they visit. It’s a great tool to get new customers, by pulling them further into the decision-making process making sure your brand is always… Top reviewer

Love AdRoll as an easy to use retargeting tool! Top reviewer

I viewed Adroll’s stats on my two stores’ advertising as HIGHLY SUSPECT, so I ran a test. I opened a brand new store with June 2017 online revenue of a mere $530, Adroll lied with a June report of $11,845 of Attributed Revenue from the $280 ad expense!!! BWAHAHAHAA adroll is a farce.AVOID Adroll. Top reviewer

Get Your Retargeting Fix Accomplished Effectively With AdRoll… Top reviewer

Over-Promise and Under-Deliver” – A Cautionary Tale About Using AdRoll Top reviewer

Constant Spamming

March 3, 2017

This company calls me every day looking to solicit my business. I’ve told them that I am not interested but the calls keep coming. Never take a call from them or you’ll be hounded forever. Top reviewer

Adroll, a 3rd rate Spam portal to begin with, is no longer content with spreading fake advertising.Now, they took it upon themselves to join the ranks of the fake-stream media, spewing fake news, and censoring to boot!What business do you have meddling in politics, and the coordinated Anti-Trump hatred ?!?You exposed yourselves as what you… Top reviewer

Big Brother censorship

February 22, 2017

If you are a fan of Big Brother, use AdRoll. Otherwise, boycott, as your political views can be seen as sufficient cause to block AdRoll services you have been paying for.

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