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You can buy, sell and park all sorts of domains at Afternic. Although the commission rate is high, Afternic offers one of the largest domain markets and a highly responsive customer services department. The reseller network is huge, with automatic entry to the GoDaddy Auction (they work together, after all), so global exposure is guaranteed. Afternic is part of one of the largest domain markets available today and are forgiven for the occasional sin because there is no denying its effectiveness.

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After requesting a quote on a domain, I got an email requesting me to call the guy who contacted me for a price (the email practically screamed “we are dodgy as hell”). Anyway, I finally got quoted a ridiculous price by email for a not especially fancy domain. A few days later I get another… Top reviewer

TERRIBLE PEOPLE selling peoples Domain names …. If they took it from you they will not even negotiate to sell back… I’m a working mother and don’t have the money to buy my own domain back that I built my business on… They take total advantage of people that are not savvy with knowing too… Top reviewer

took your money and no domain Top reviewer

After I sent them $150 for domain they stopped responding to my emails.I had to charge it back from my bank. Top reviewer

Very slow customer support

November 30, 2017

Very, very slow customer support. Not acceptable at all. Still charging high commission. Top reviewer

I paid for a domain for $400 to on Apr 17.Afternic has failed to transfer the domain to my registrar. about 10 days after I heard nothing from them I threatened them to open a dispute on paypal if they dont refund my money or transfer the domain to me. At that time They…

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