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If your work involves coordinating a team using group communication, task delegation and multiple subtask deadlines, Asana is the perfect web app for you. Praised for its speed and fluidity, this application is in its element when working for a synced team. Complete with tools to remind, notify, and hold conversations, Asana encourages productivity without being boring.

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Good product, that I use regularly, and recommend Pros Asana has the ability to help us keep track of all the moving parts of our annual conference. We are able to create tasks, group them, comment on them and add notes, then check them off when completed. I actually use Asana personally (outside of work)… Top reviewer

Asana is very thoughfully designed and is the most useful and usable project management software I’ve used, full stop. I’ve used several that are MUCH more expensive, but only filled niche needs that Asana couldn’t. If you’re looking for the best general-purpose project management tool around, Asana’s for you. Their new business tactic seems to… Top reviewer

Pros Asana has been helpful for managing daily tasks. I can create tasks and assign to my colleagues for the work to be completed. Cons Even if it helps with tasks, It still needs improvement to manage a full flash project. Needs to add some integrations with Google and other services. Top reviewer

Pros The task lists, e-forms, and workflow routing features have greatly reduced the number of project hours for both resources and project administrators. Cons The report dashboards have helped a great deal for our Project Admins, however they are constantly asking for more and customization with the dashboards is not easy. Top reviewer

Great tool. Pros Asana is easy to use, and the layout is intuitive, even for those that are not familiar with project management methodology. I use it a lot with my clients to track projects, campaigns, and progress. Cons I can’t put a start date on tasks, only an end date, which can be problematic… Top reviewer

I use Asana for basic list-base task tracking. It offers visibility of your projects and tasks in either a list based format, or chart (think Kanban) format. Even the free level offers customizations when setting up projects, although limited. But these limited customizations offer a level of support you cannot find in any other competitive… Top reviewer

My use has greatly benefited me, even more than any software, since this one, in particular, has helped me to follow the project carried out in my company to the letter, and see in real time, the results that it has. Pros What I like the most about Asana is the interface, the truth is… Top reviewer

Overall this is a great application to communicate between all parties. Pros Ease of setting up projects, tasks, and assigning these tasks to other members of your team. Emails that remind. Cons The emails can get overwhelming with all the items that get sent out. Sometimes hard to find the item you are looking for. Top reviewer

A good product we were not ready for. If you have a number of potential users who are from different cultures you may want to plan ahead for that and some specifically related training and practice. Pros The concept is wonderful – the ability to accomplish more through communication. I wanted Asana to work and… Top reviewer

Convenient Task Manager

February 18, 2018

Pros: The program really brings profit in the end result. Well, it’s free (I have less than 10 subordinates). Now I conduct a separate window with the project, separately my personal, where it is possible to take into account everything right up to the child’s tutoring courses. Cons: While we have a small team, we…

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