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Bananatag has everything you need for your email and email attachment needs. Design the perfect email using one of the many templates, schedule when you want it sent, track up to 200 mails a day from any operating system (you can also track the attachment) and analyse the results. Whether you use marketing and sales or simple internal communication emails, bananatag has a package to suit you. They also offer a free version which includes basic notifications and metrics, scheduling and templates.

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

I am seeing what emails get opened the most and what links are getting clicked. It has benefited the way I write emails and given me feedback on what needs to be improved.

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

I love Bananatag!

December 27, 2017

As much as I love the scheduled send, I also love the ability to see when someone opens my emails. Yes, you can do that with GMAIL but the receiver can choose not to allow the notification. With Bananatag, the receiver never knows the email is being tracked. When I send proposals or sales emails…

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

Too much simple

October 30, 2017

Templates creation feature is very easy to use

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

tracking opens and clicks so I can see when prospects are opening emails, whether they’re clicking links, and how often they’re opening or forwarding messages. This enables me to respond to them within minutes of opening an email, clicking a link or watching a video.

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

It shows our email open rates, click rates, and engagement metrics

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

Very good product!

August 1, 2017

I like that I can schedule and track emails at the same time, as well as being able to edit them as much as I want since the email remains in my draft folder even after scheduling it to be sent at a later date.

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

Marketing – figuring out who clicks on emails and interacts with them

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

My primary job is to make sure enough demos are booked. With Bananatag, it is supposed to streamline the process of booking demos.

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

Knowing who opened my emails and when. This type of insight is critical in sales.

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

It works very well to track opening, viewing, location, etc. of the emails I am sending out. There have been very few instances in which it hasn’t provided me with correct information or false notifications. I think the reporting is more accurate than similar software that I have used. I also like how well it…

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