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Base CRM software has won plenty of awards as a productivity app and for good reason. Base can be synced with many third party apps using the ‘Snap’ tool and has high-quality mobile apps for all of your mobile devices. By putting all of your productivity needs onto a single platform, you get a great view of how your business is functioning. Base services include task automation, sales tracking and reporting, document storage, lead scoring and predictive sales intelligence.

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April 1, 2018

To their credit, their team is small enough and they seem to be aggressively taking into account recommendations. Allot of the ideas are out of the box innovations Pros This is a very smart piece of engineering with an understanding of the sales process. API is incredibly good in case you want to add customised… Top reviewer

There are many CRM options out there. I should have read more online reviews before proceeding. Caution. Pros The sales process is great – you’ll feel very welcomed. Their follow-up is consistent and they do a great job showcasing the full-featured product. Cons Bait and Switch – the demo vs. the paid product is VERY… Top reviewer

Base CRM is a customer relation mangement tool with a low price tag and high return. Check it out. Pros I bought this in the iTunes App store a few years ago and remember it was a really good app. The only issue is its for the truly organized. I realize that I was not… Top reviewer

Pros Base CRM has been helpful for my sales team to manage the prospects. It helps the team to be accountable and they understand the status of the prospects and the next step to perform with them. Cons Deals can be created with the prospects and the tasks can be assigned to the sales team… Top reviewer

Pros Base CRM helps managing our team with deals within the Pipelines. It always motivates the team when they say the prospects moving within the Pipeline in the right direction. Its a helpful CRM for sales people and help them define their activities. Cons the mobile view need more attention to improve the activities management.… Top reviewer

Pros The dashboard is good and the ease of ‘deal’ creation and updating is excellent. The ability to modify various records, deals, etc. from just about any screen is very useful and a time saver. Cons Most of the useful features do not come with the ‘baseline’ product. They require upgrades to various levels. Among… Top reviewer

Base made it easy for me to customize a CRM to exactly my needs, as well as bring all the functions of my business – from calls and emails to tracking deals and closings – into one place. Top reviewer

Pros: I found the system to be really easy to use and integrated well with other software programs. The interface was also clean which I think improved navigation. Cons: When my team ran into a problem with the software, customer service wasn’t the easiest to get a hold of. Top reviewer

Information all in one. Easy access to notes. Email synced to notification for appts or follow ups. Top reviewer

Great CRM… Highly recommended!!! Pros This CRM was easy to set up and makes it easier to communicate with my team and keep them updated on the status of our clients. Cons I would like the data fields to be more customizable. I would also like to have multiple ways to search for a lead…

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