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A great-looking site for a great service, the Basecamp collaboration tool/project management tool has been given a very appropriate name. By placing all your files, communications, contacts and data in a central ‘base camp’, all of your projects can be overseen with ease. Basecamp turns your online business into office space, designating you an HQ with its own campfire (for team chats) and various other intrinsic departments.

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I use Basecamp for managing projects, my clients like the fact that we can collaborate without problems with lost emails and file upload restrictions.I like it because i have a reliable way of documenting projects, ensuring that clients have a consistent experience for each project and the fact that i can create a new project… Top reviewer

Basecamp has benefited me because I have seen that it has improved the performance of my employees, it has improved the projects that are carried out day by day, making them much more comfortable and with better work integrity. Pros I like that Basecamp has such a comfortable design, some time ago I used a… Top reviewer

I have benefited from the use of Basecamp because I have managed to go beyond a simple project, I have managed to establish better communication with my team at Basecamp and achieve projects with better business design. Pros Basecamp is very simple, but what I like most about it is that in spite of having… Top reviewer

Pros Easy to use and a great way to engage and communicate with a committee that is all over the country. Makes it easy to disseminate information that the user can easily find and not have it get lost in everyone’s inbox. You can add photos and graphics to posts. I like the features. It… Top reviewer

Pros Easy to use and helps teams collaborate on the basics. Makes for a great way to share documents and note the progress by everyone involved. Cons You really aren’t going to be using this for large scale work or if you are a 50+ employee business. Top reviewer

Like the title, says, for large projects involving team members on multiple campuses, this product is an ideal way to keep everyone organized and on track. Pros Easily navigated, great interface, features were not too complicated so even older(wiser) personnel were easily able to use the program. Cons I didn’t have anything I didn’t like… Top reviewer

I like the idea, but there was too much going on for this to be a solid academic platform. Pros Basecamp has the ability to put your student email and Canvas interface all in one place. There are also countless other features. Cons The other features available in Basecamp can detract from its primary purpose.… Top reviewer


April 1, 2018

Pros Basecamp is a great way to stay on track with team tasks. You can assign tasks and place a deadline for each. Cons when you complete all the tasks in a list, the title of the list disappears instead of staying there empty. There should be an option either to delete it or not.… Top reviewer

To create small projects this very well, the interception of several users at the same time, allows to elaborate in a secure way the management of projects Top reviewer

Basecamp allows you and your team to streamline your work and house all your progress, questions, tasks, troubleshooting, schedules, conversations, documents, files and more — all in one convenient place. It’s a organized person’s dream software.

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