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Bitfinex specialises in digital currency traders and liquidity providers, offering exchange and margin trading and margin funding wallets. This platform supports a huge range of crypto currencies and also allows USD and € fiat currencies after account verification. It has a very simple to understand user guide in its ‘beginner’s guide to bitfinex’ and broad tours and guides section, so this site really does cater for everyone, as long as they take trading seriously. They don’t accept US residents and you will only be able to start trading when you have more than 10,000 USD of equity. Very competitively priced.

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finally withdrawn my 10k, thanks Top reviewer

I have tried almost all exchanges so far but Bitfinex keeps surprising me everytime. They have all the features you will ever need as a professional crypto trader. User-friendly interface, faster transactions, extremely fast and helpful support team, margin trading, fast deposits and withdraws, mobile API access. In my total honest opinion, you are in… Top reviewer

Bitfinex is definitely my go to exchange the time and efficiency of their support team is actually so good, their trading platform is really user-friendly and they have a diverse range of high quality assets to trade. The only thing I didn’t like much was the 10k$ requirement to trade which is too much for… Top reviewer

Good Exchange to Trade

April 20, 2018

Margin trading is a very good option in bitfinex through p2p margin funding platform. Option of holding reserved margin funds is commendable option. Initial equity about 30% in my wallet gives me an edge compared to other exchanges definitely. Interest charged on my margin positions really best in it’s class. The charges on margin funding… Top reviewer

Great exchange, high volumes, great integration of tradingview and no lags.But margin trading fees are too high compared to Bitmex, liquidation price is at -10% / -15% if we use leverage x3.3 Top reviewer

At the moment Bitfinex tops any other Crypto Exchange out there, their support literally never takes more than 1 to 2 hours to answer my tickets, there’s a diverse range of high quality assets to trade and at last the excellent API on their website making it very user friendly and fast to navigate.The only… Top reviewer

I got locked out because all of my security credentials all stopped working at once. I can’t get a hold of them in any way to sort this out. They have a photo of me with Passport and License plus they held my Dollars in a bank in Texas. They have no excuse they can’t… Top reviewer

TX e1039c7f3658948a40ac110a2ad71dd861e98b1a79f2ea152b973a50fc61dbfeI deposited to Bitfinex 0.2 BTC on the 12 of December 2017. All confirmed on the blockchain after 10 minutes. But they haven’t credited my account, not even in pending, my 0.2 BTC do not appear anywhere on Bitfinex, there is no movement on my Bitfinex account that I could think my account was… Top reviewer

Worse support I have ever seen. Withdraw of Ripples with ID 7244774 dated of 17.12.2017 since 8 days on status feedback “Withdraw approved December 22, 2017 10:08. It is now queued for processing and will complete soon”. Inquiry for solution only answered by automatic responder, mentioned “Support Ticket Opened [#756464]”. 2 reminders via E-Mail sent,… Top reviewer

Furious with bitfinex after being locked out of my account. Have contacted customer support but the last time I needed help, it took them over a month to get back to me, in spite of the fact that a large amount of money appreared to have gone missing (was subsequently returned to my account) so…

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