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Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, BitcoinCash and Ripple in BitPanda using various payment and withdrawal options. Primarily for EU traders and exchangers, the site is transparent, easy to navigate and quite popular, although fees are less transparent (and differ greatly depending who you use to make or receive payments). For simplicity, security and options, we highly recommend BitPanda.

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Service is good when it’s working, customer service on the other hand is awful, I am actually shocked such a reputable company can have such bad customer service. Top reviewer

They have steadily expanded what they do, BitPanda is solid platform supported by a knowledgeable team .Totally trustworthy Top reviewer

Extremely quick support reply, flawless interface that works quick and smooth. I would like better transparrency on prices and fees – they dont flag that. However i did find the price competitive comparing fees. So i do warmly recommend Bitpanda – i only need to verify in actual transactions that the commisions, fees and spread… Top reviewer

Recommended great site with fast service. Top reviewer

Just started using the service and I’m amazed by their quality of service.I had a minor hiccup during the deposit which they more than willingly fixed in a matter of minutes after contacting them.Their support is up 24/7 (from my experience) and they provide quality and useful information, coupled with an amazing approach at solving… Top reviewer

I using Bitpanda for last three month and I find there service is quite ok. Top reviewer

Very fast and quality service Top reviewer

New website

May 24, 2018

New websiteA beautiful new site is a bit different from the site we usedDifficulty at the beginning but overcome thanks to the accurate supportTo report that you do not see how to deposit with a credit card Top reviewer

Really well developed new website, trustfull and great team support. Very please.Crypto will prevail. Top reviewer

Great company & customer service. Very simple to use and reliable.

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