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For darkcoin, litecoin, nextcoin, NeuCoin and Ethereum (in fact, more than 190 types of crypto currency), Bittrex crypto trading platform’s highly secure site is worth looking into. With a 0.25% fee on all trades and a transparent business. It puts through transactions almost immediately due to a purpose built trading engine. Fiat deposits in US dollars seem to be on the cards.

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My account got hacked. Within 1 day I was locked out of my account, all alt coins sold off, and BTC transferred out. Opened support ticket claiming my account was hacked and i was concerned that my funds were at risk, after about 10 days I was able to gain access to my account and…

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Just leave

April 23, 2018

Just leave, if you use bittrex for any service at all, if you even have an account on their site you are doing yourself a disservice. Go to a better exchange!

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I have been using Bittrex for a few weeks now and I had to open two tickets due to withdraw and deposit issues. It’s been 1 month now and still no replies from them. The time and money that i’ve lost with this exchange is too much. Once they get this sorted out I will…

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877 778-6288 this is a scam number 1 of the reviewers left. Bittrex is on some shady stuff. This is why they have no customer support. Its to leave you hanging while your money is locked up on tbe exchange. After days weeks and months of no response you will find yourself desperate to get…

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Support is very bad

April 11, 2018

Support is very bad, and we can’t trust Bittrex any longer because you might lose your fund at anytime. Accounts have been disabled for no reason, and no response from the support at all, and literally I discovered it’s a common situation for thousands of traders.

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Really bad support!

April 10, 2018

Really bad support, the interface is not user-friendly at all.After contacting the support it took them 6 days to answer and my problem wasn’t fixed…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

They have disabled my account since 5 month ago and do not response my tickets. totally scam!!

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Victimized by Bittrex? Contact Possinger Law firm at 206-512-8030

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Do not even think about it!No support, no response to inquiries!The only advantage: no new users can log in. Anyone who asks for it is not going to help anyway!

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I finally got my Bittrex account opened after 4 months. Just yesterday I was sent an email from Bittrex saying they had closed my account. I explained to them that I never asked to have my account closed and that I still had money/funds/coins on the exchange. I kept sending emails asking for an answer…

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