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For e-commerce businesses, small or huge, the Braintree Payments platform makes transactions simple for both. Credit card processing can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, especially when dealing with monthly or annual subscriptions, but Braintree offer a secure storage facility for your client’s credit card details. Although recently bought by PayPal (and has now integrated many PayPal features), Braintree is still one of the top transaction apps. The group’s fraud protection is highly rated; one-step payments are practically by default.

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I found Braintree site is very very essential for me because of I have so many payments that I have to get paid or claim so now I decided that Braintree can give me best fast solutions for all of my payments I have and also they gave me different kinds of supporting idea so… Top reviewer

Terrible experience working with Braintree. First off the sales person offered us everything to get us to sign up. As soon as we closed our previous merchant account and we spent a few thousand fixing their integration they started rolling back on promises. Apparently the sales people don’t talk to their Merchant services. Our account… Top reviewer

They love to waste the time of people coupled with their ridiculous service standard. Get ready to waste your time and effort if you sign up with them Top reviewer

This is the worst Payment Processor I’ve ever occured working with for my website. Do you know is this bad? Because is part of PayPal company. Yes, they retain your funds for no reason and release if they want to. If your business relies on money then stay away from Braintree. Top reviewer

What can I say that hasn’t been eloquently put before me, other than, DON’T TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE.I thought I was unique in my experience of “Braindead” but unfortunately i’m not.They seem to have the same routine, say yes you can open an account, wait until your about to start or have started… Top reviewer

We are web developers. We started out by using Braintree on our own E-commerce website. Having been “accepted” we started using the service. We went through the same account review process as described here, and survived it, while Braintree held on to over £300 belonging to us. To begin with we had no idea what… Top reviewer

This company is a scam. They took the payment on my behalf for the service we provide and now after 3 months of long process they declined to set up our account and will refund the money to my customer. Total nonsense. The reason is even more ridiculous because we are small ride hailing start… Top reviewer

Worst company I’ve ever worked with. Very quick to take your money and then can shut your account down at any time with petty reasons and made up excuses. Absolute disgrace of a company. Deactivated my account also, meaning I can no longer contact, nor access the accounts withheld funds. Asked for a contact number… Top reviewer

Offered us individual pricing and promised it would take our costs down, in fact that increased our costs by 30%. When we reduced the amount of payments processed through them, they deactivated API without warning. We lost thousands of dollars before we could figure out where the bug was coming from. Never use Braintree. Top reviewer

Avoid getting duped!

December 20, 2017

We too were duped into opening an account with this worthless provider. I should have been more suspicious when they were asking far too many questions and documents upfront – things that were a little too invasive and unrelated to credit card processing in my mind. But, having very little prior experience in this area,…

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