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BTC Korea

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Bithumb from Seoul, South Korea has been trading and offering a wallet service for a variety of cryptocurrency since 2013. Fees are very low in comparison to other platforms; however, bear in mind you will need to account for transfer and exchange fees as the only fiat currency supported is the South Korean Won. 2017 was a bad year for this company with a server crash and hacking event creating losses they say they will compensate. Buy hey, whoever said cryptocurrency (or any kind of currency or stocks) was safe? We still recommend them and so do thousands of traders.

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South Korean company

April 12, 2018

South Korean company, claim to totally support foreign customers, they do have English support apparently but they are never there whenever you try and contact them, in the end I finally got into contact and he didn’t even speak english properly at all, couldn’t understand and so it was really hard to withdraw money.Just don’t…

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