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A wide selection of cryptocurrencies can be bought in British £ on this UK crpyto broker (not trading) platform. It is also possible to come to the London office, which in the virtual trading world is very unusual and give a higher sense of trustworthiness. You can buy currencies, but selling them requires contact with customer services and can not be done on the site. Rather slow, as they only accept bank transfers which take up to 48 hours to process. But reviewers are extremely happy with both the advice and service.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

i have spent over 45mins dealing with this shambolic company, three times we struggled to get payment over to them. After a BACS payment they eventually gave me a bank account number to pay to i never recieved a proper invoice and a proper advice that you wouldnt recieve any coins for a minium of…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Good for beginners

April 14, 2018

Thought I’d dip my toe in the water with £1000 on the Verge. Spoke to TJ and he helped me through the process of setting up my wallet. The fees are a little high but they help you with you investment and give you far more info and advice than an exchange.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

I dealt with Scott who was really helpful and recommended me to invest in stellar lumens. I signed up to BVC in 1 minute and I was immediately called by an agent who was able to help me through the process. I was struggling to choose between all the different cryptos and felt quite overwhelmed…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Absolutely dodgy company, BEWARE, looks like a scam site with hyper inflated prices and fake reviews. Should be on Rip Off Britain!!!!!!What is Investoo.com anyway, site looks like a scam as well, full of dodgy adverts.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Wanted to buy some hard to access alt coins, BVC had me a wallet set up and my coins over by the end of the business day, I paid around 20-30% Ontop which is fair because of how hard they are to get normally. Now to wait and see how they do!

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Easy Purcahse

January 23, 2018

Recently purchased Ripple, Cardano and Ethereum, sold at an extremely fair price compared with market knowledge and exit route, will be back for more.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Scammers! Look elsewhere.

January 22, 2018

Seriously guys, this lot are scammers!I have sent them 10,000GBP and they are trying to fob me off with a really low number of coins! They put APPROX on their invoice and then supposedly buy at really elevated prices. The only good that has come out of this is now I have discovered BITPANDA, the…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Exchange rate scam

January 21, 2018

Exchange rate scam, they quote in gbp to trick you into buying a USD quoted asset… You lose 50% straight away on your ‘investment’

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

FRAUD, beware!!!

January 18, 2018

I exchanged many email with them about purchasing Ether. broker said price will be Kraken + 3%In invoice already said price will be based of 5 exchange average plus commission – don’t say how much…The price in invoice was 50% higher the market price!!!they are trying to fish out people who know nothing exchange rates…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

I have read the reviews of BVC and can see some people have had a negative experience but I can only speak for myself. I phoned BVC with a view to buying bitcoin and spoke to Mr Baljit Singh who was very helpful and advised me to invest in Ripple which I did and over…

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