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An email design and automation app, Campaign Monitor is an easy-to-use tool offering great-looking templates for personalised, professional and engaging emails, scheduling and analytics. By analysing client data from various sources, you can build target segments for scheduled marketing emails. Campaign Monitor integrates with a wide variety of popular apps and social media. We recommend Campaign Monitor for small to medium businesses as they will benefit from the automation aspects for smaller contact lists. Their Worldview tool is appreciated by all of their users.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Great Software!

April 1, 2018

Pros This software has very nice templates for emailing prospective clients and it pretty easy to implement, the functions and features are so easy that I as a beginner was able to send out a vivid and catchy email! Cons The software is a bit pricey. I would like to be able to customize it…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Pros They let you set up basis templates if you have knowledge of basic HTML knowledge. Interns ans freelancers can make their own clients to send their own emails and make little savings of their own out of it. I say win win. Cons Setting up of and maintaining the emails sending list isn’t as…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

If you a are looking for simplicity, this software is what you need to look at. Email monitoring is very easy and tracking is reliable. Pros The interface is simple and intuitive, as you don’t have to spend hours figuring creating new templates. Cost is pretty low compared to other alternatives and availability of advanced…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Pros Nice User interface. Good collection of templates. Best for small businesses as it has pricing depends upon the quantity of newsletters sent. Cons List building can be painful sometimes. Need to improve customer support. Very limited data reports.

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Terrible Account Reps

March 1, 2018

Cons They are very impressive during the sales process to get you on the hook and then dump you during the onboarding process. The account reps at this company are horrendous. Very unprofessional. I was completely turned off by the way I was treated by this company.

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Pros Ease of use- you can set up an email campaign in minutes, and it’s very user friendly. Works for basic email sends. Cons This is a great baseline tool for email marketing, but I wouldn’t recommend it for complex nurture and lifecycle campaigns, as it is not as robust as other enterprise tools on…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Great Email Marketing!

February 1, 2018

Pros Easy to use and very simplistic. Love the UI, functions and features. Everyone including the beginner can shortly send out an eye popping email. They have brought my email campaigns to another level of professionalism. Cons Software is on the pricey side compared to others. The support is good although not with live. Only…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Not worth the money

January 1, 2018

Not worth what you pay. Emails go to spam (it claims they don’t, but the filtering software in most email services kicks it to spam) Pros It is actually difficult to find a lot of pros. While is does what it claims (sends mass emails, gives you feedback and responses). Cons The templates are more…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Pros It is easy to use (drag and drop features) and templates are available to send professional-grade email marketing to your prospect customers. Cons Requires lot of time especially if you just started using the software. But one time only like encoding your contacts and making your first template.

trustradius.com Top reviewer

Campaign Monitor the champion of email marketing but really expensive

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