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Changelly will integrate with other platforms like Bittrex and – unlike nearly all other platforms – you can trade without registering or going through the identity verification procedure. All you need to do is enter your receiving address when trading and wait for the money to arrive in or leave your wallet. There are plenty of crypto trading pairs available as well as fiat currency options. All transactions are charged at a flat fee of 0.5%, but fiat trades can end up very expensive due to third party costs. An innovative, bot driven platform which makes trading and exchange easy.

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I myself made some mistakes when I exchange BTC to NOAH.But the support team saved me quickly.They are patient and listened to me carefully. Top reviewer

First time used them to test. Did send some digibyte in exchange for some tether. It was a small amount. Around $80. To my surprise they charged almost a 10% fee, wich was 7.4 tether. This is absolutely unacceptable for a simple exchange. Will not use them again.TRANSACTION # b13e0a8c85b201 Jun 2018, 04:55:03 2,750 DGB… Top reviewer

Major mistake using my ether wallet, sending ether instead of tokens.Full refund and no charge! It took 12 days because of demands on their technical department, but nevertheless what a superb courteous and helpful service. Top reviewer

Just a quick report from my affiliate account:- Refferral: 35- Total turnover: 0,5 BTC (about 4000 USD)- Estimated balance: 0,0009 BTC (7.4 USD)It is 0,18% (0,0018 rate) LOL, unnacceptable for refferals. Avoid! Top reviewer

I had made a mistake of sending the wrong currency EOS for EOS when it should have been ETH for EOS which the amount of EOS I sent wouldn’t have been enough to cover the transaction anyways but they still accepted the transaction and took the EOS I sent, with the higher EOS not sent… Top reviewer

I had some issues trying to exchange my coins, maybe it was my fault, but Changelly Support Team helped me through the process and at the end everything went better than I expected. Top reviewer

Transaction shows successful but no funds transferred to my XMR. Tried converting my BTC to XMR. Transaction was successful but not a single XMR came to my wallet. When i try to find a way to contact changelly there really just isn’t a way. Their only contact form doesnt respond. Checking the transaction hash it… Top reviewer

It goes very smooth exchanging one coin for another. No major issues so far – just had a trouble exchanging BTC to EOS but the support team troubleshooted so quickly after opening a ticket. Well recommended! Top reviewer


May 13, 2018

I bought it for 100€ DCN. Should get 700 pieces for 1€. In reality, only 575 arrived for 1€. Hands off!!! It’s a rip-off!! Top reviewer

I am outside the USA and needed to order ETH. I ordered Etherium thru these guys and the process was really smooth and quick. None of the hassles that you have to go through with other companies. The delivery was super fast, I had it in my wallet within an hour of placing the order.…

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