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With gateway support in more than 50 countries, Chargebee is a top-rated accounting app for invoicing, recurring payments and subscriptions. Chargebee is extremely secure and your first $50,000 of invoices are free. A daily report of SaaS metrics shows you signups and lost opportunities in simple to translate graphics. There are so many options that many large companies use it to develop their own billing platforms; a great advertisement.The list of app integrations is very broad and for a billing app, monthly subscription fees are very affordable.

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I think ChargeBee has potential, but it needs work and seems like it is in BETA stage right now and is definitely not a simple out of the box solution for business owners. You definitely need to be quite technical and computer literate to configure and use this service.If you just want to sell single… Top reviewer

The subscription was easy to use but the API data it returns was completely errored which I cannot even convert into JSON, customer support seems very slow. Don’t use it, if you want to find an easy API system or a fast support Top reviewer

First, Chargebee cares about their struggling entrepreneurs, which is just ridiculously generous given that I’ve tried out so many billing software solutions and they:1. Still lack the customer portal aspect (I’m looking at you, Samcart!) where customers can, you know, actually help you out by updating their own billing info and canceling their own subscription… Top reviewer

Overall very impressed with Chargebee. Simple and straghtforward to implement, good value for money and easy to work with on an ongoing basis. Top reviewer

Excellent Product and Team!

November 21, 2016

Chargebee is the best way to start taking subscription payments online. It is extremely fast and easy to set up. Their support team is incredible should you do need help with anything. It’s also brilliant at managing all relevant documentation (invoices, etc.), email notifications to all parties, and tax. Top reviewer

Simple Billing

February 6, 2014

Chargebee has been a great addition to our billing process. Their customer support is prompt and very helpful.

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