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A powerful, low-cost subscription analytics platform with revenue recognition addon, ChartMogul can be used for free to $10,000 of monthly recurring revenue. Import manual billing from a Google sheet via the Data Enrichment tool or from various one-click integrated apps for detailed metrics. Settings options include time-zones, currencies, sales regions or groups, maps, customer list profiles and cohort analysis. SaaS and cloud based deployment with Windows, Apple and Web-based device support.

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ChartMogul is used across the whole organization as it is a reference point for company updates. However, not everyone in the company is an active user of the software. Most use it for reference while only some departments interact with ChartMogul to pull reports, do data mining, or set up integrations. Top reviewer

Great Overview of MRR

April 25, 2018

This makes financial analysis and trends very easy to see. Top reviewer

ChartMogul let us get at a ton of metrics on our customers that were still unknown to us with almost zero effort, and because of how easily it integrates with our billing provider, we get ongoing updates on these metrics, again, with no additional work on our part. I can’t overstate how much I love… Top reviewer

The ability to pass custom attributes and splice/segment every section of the platform is worth gold. Provides us the ability to see MRR or churn based on UTM tracking params, alexa rankings and how far the user got through our software. Top reviewer

The fast overview about MRR, Churn and the list of customers who signed or churned per month with one click. The most important metrics are given. To set a filters with tags to have a quick few about our renewals or possible churn per month. Top reviewer

Almost everything – all the stats, ease of use, filtering, segmentation, the fact that I can have everyone in the team informed about new customers. Top reviewer

ChartMogul lets us see our core SaaS metrics at a glance (MRR, Churn, ARPA, etc). It quickly connected to Recurly and PayPal and gives us a good view into our most important metrics. We’re quite addicted to it. Top reviewer

Their support team is really helpful and their response times are the best. They are evolving quickly, being innovative and deploying new features, Top reviewer


February 23, 2018

The setup is so easy, just connect your Stripe account. We have our whole team and investors in ChartMogul, it’s super easy to use. Top reviewer

They innovate and we always get the latest features without upgrading. Nice grandfathering in and just works. Nice new MRR corrections feature helped us a ton.

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