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Newbies to bitcoin are often referred to Coinbase, as this simple but large crypto trading platform is one of the top names around. Having recently been affected by a bug which overcharged its clients, Coinbase has had to work hard to continue operations and has succeeded due to its reputation for transparency, relatively low transaction fees and reliability. You might not think this thanks to reviews, however, as bitcoin reviewers tend to be very harsh, often due to lack of knowledge or profit. Personally, we highly recommend Coinbase.

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Second review

June 13, 2018

Second review. My first was a 1 star review as i was very unhappy with the service.I emailed coinbase and asked them if they were going to address my review as they had with others, my issue was not being able to transfer money to my UK bank account.The reply told me they’d looked at… Top reviewer

7 days since small sepa veification payment has been sent and nothing, 1 star review until this is sorted i should be able to access my money faster. Top reviewer

Please please, STAY AWAY. I have had a DREADFUL experience with coinbase, so much so, this motivated me to write my first ever review. This company is untrustworthy, incompetent and have the worst support and public service I have ever encountered. I never thought I would be ripped off, I read similar reviews and thought… Top reviewer

No support at egypt

June 10, 2018

No support at egypt Top reviewer

Had a good experience signing up and trading in and out of crypto currencies. The problems started when trying to withdraw money. I’ve sent 2 Sepa payments (costing £15 each time!) to their account to verify my account, but both payments have been completely ignored by coinbase. They are crooks. Avoid Coinbase and find alternative… Top reviewer

Coinbase is a SCAM

June 5, 2018

Coinbase is basically stealing $590.00 of my money. I deposited the money from my checking account. All transactions have cleared my checking account and been removed from my checking balance for over a week. However, I cannot access the funds in Coinbase and am told I will not be able to access them for another… Top reviewer

today i wanted to buy a tshirt from dfinity via coinbasebecause i didnt want to use creditcard or paypal go on and support crypto…. my transaction was in time…. they told me my tsansaction wasnt in time i should contact the support…. now im waiting for reply more than an half hour…. nothing! i want… Top reviewer

Charged my account

June 3, 2018

Charged my account, did not received digital coins. Support keeps sending me the same questions over and over. Saying they’re investigating. Its been over seven months. It’s ridiculous. Top reviewer

hello i live in UK , but i only have Lithuainia ID card , so why you guys dont verify me with this id ? Top reviewer

There not a good place to store money or do business. You’ll lose assets if not fully aware and the “support team” is not supportive and not qualified to help. Not even qualified to talk to customers the right way. They know nothing and when you ask them something they can’t fathom they’ll hang up…

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