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When you look at the latest news on the site, it’s hard to get a sense of safety with this trading platform, which is why we don’t recommend it for beginners. From being removed from Twitter, to blacklisting at Spamhaus, the only positive thing we can say is that they don’t try to hide these recent developments. Now requiring Google 2FA, perhaps the service is taking steps to rectify this. As the site is competitively priced, experienced traders might like to have a look.

8 Top reviewer

One of the best Exchanges for small coins to buy & withdraw to other exchanges , this is not a scam guys , recommend it to anyone Top reviewer

setup an account received my BTC. Could never log back in. Changed my password 4 times but it won’t accept it with email or username. Can’t log a ticket as to log in and i can’t do that. Money lost.Avoid! Top reviewer

Decent exchange for low caps before the emerge on large scales. Top reviewer

Been trading there for years..if there is any problem they always solve the problems…very good exchange Top reviewer

Good place to pick up new coins! Top reviewer

Works for me

May 11, 2018

Works for me. Most people only write reviews when something goes wrong. Top reviewer

I did not have any problem … exchange ok! Top reviewer

If done and am still doing, a lot of trades over at coinexchange. I never ever had any problems with the site. The most of the people over here complaining about the site, probably did something wrong on there own end. Just one friendly word of advice, just triple check any action your doing with… Top reviewer

No support! They take the money and dont answer anymore! Thank you coinexchange. Scam! Betrug!!! Dont send money to coinexchange! Never!!! Date is actually 05.03.2018 Top reviewer

Absolutely Scam- My fund is still pending after 2 weeks. This website steal your money. DO NOT trust. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY.

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