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Electronic signature apps need to be reliable and very secure. Docusign offers a global and internal signature service in multiple languages. Sign up new clients remotely without them needing to come into the office or sign up via cold calls or telephone leads. A small number of reviewers say that getting to grips with the process takes time. If you agree, we suggest you click on the landing page Resources tab and attend a short lesson at DocuSign University; however, we think the interface is self-explanatory.

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I was wanting to use Docusign to send out some new agreements to customers relating to GDPR. During my investigation process I wanted to make sure that this would be a secure process as Docusign themselves have their head office in the US. Upon reviewing their privacy policy (which wasn’t written in particularly simply language)… Top reviewer

Fairly pleased

April 1, 2018

Pros This is the easiest way we’ve found to quickly get customer signatures on new contracts or finance agreements. It is easy to customize emails so recipients recognize they are from us. Cons I do not see any strong disadvantages of the product, but there is a range of substitution products that can do the… Top reviewer

Pros What can I say..I use this daily!! This has been a game changer for me! Im in real estate, and deal with lots of paperwork. This has given me so much freedom!! Cons I can not think of a single con. This has been a fantastic app for me, and my business. Use it… Top reviewer

Pros This software allows you to get documents signed easily and quickly without having to coral everyone together to do so. The signatures are delivered immediately and help when you’re in a hurry to finish up paper work. Cons If you make a mistake with your signature and don’t notice it until after you’ve already… Top reviewer

Pros Pretty easy to use, doesn’t require a really technical person to setup. Secure, have never had any issues with using it for contracts. 30 day trial. Cons The UX isnt quite as sleek as Hellosign and other newer players that have emerged. No free plan available. Top reviewer

Pros You can get a signature on a document which is considered a legal binding contract It’s relatively easy to use for the signer Cons For the user setting up the document it’s an okay interface. There are easier software on the market at much less cost that do the same thing. Top reviewer

Pros It is now super easy to have an agreement signed and returned. I use to have to send a rep to someones house to get all the paperwork signed and pray the rep doesn’t lose it. Now its just a simple email and the customer can sign with just a click of a button.… Top reviewer

Pros Provides a convenient way to get signatures from business partners all over the world. Confidential and secure, I appreciate the “delegate” feature as most contracts need to make their way through several hands. Cons There isn’t much not too like–DocuSign is easy, intuitive, and secure. My only complaint is that after I’ve delegated a… Top reviewer

Customer service with Docusign is great as well. They respond in a timely manner and are very helpful. I believe you can use Docusign through a free trial for a bit as well! Pros Docusign is AWESOME! I can send candidates an application to fill out before they come in or send employee’s basically anything… Top reviewer

Its simple and effective to use! Pros Its very simple to use, i have used this software several times between my room mates and myself to have documents signed sense we are all usually working and do not have the time to get together all at once because our schedules never comply. I like the…

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