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A crowdsourcing freelance marketplace, Fiverr can be used on Windows and Linux as well as Android & iOS mobile devices. It’s doubtful that you will outsource someone to complete your task for a ‘fiver’ (£5), but there are a lot of freelancers competing for all jobs and you will definitely find someone for the correct quality/price ratio. Other’s (genuine) feedback will help you to make the right choice. You pay the site, and Fiverr pays the freelancer, taking a commission from both sides.

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We were scammed out of $110 from one of the users who had a high rating on April 16th. No email or service was received. We have tried emailing ‘customer support’ and they will not answer emails. There’s no integrity here. I would stay away. We are still trying to get our money back. Top reviewer

aliraza6 used the system to avoid getting a bad review for his bad work. Fiverr knew what aliraza6 was doing, and they allowed it to happen, even though Fiverr’s policy says that a seller cannot Dispute an order when they do bad work. Here’s what happened. 1. aliraza6’s code created a HTML Error 5002. I… Top reviewer

It’s a very poor platform, a bunch of kinds trying to be graphic designers and anything that you need. “We’ll make your design in 12h”-but first let me one week to learn it.” “Just costs 5£ if you want your logo to look bad and be delivered in a week. Pay 100£ to get it… Top reviewer

This is my last message I sent to;I placed an Order: #FO18F694D1A5 with graphics girl, she sent me a logo I did not like at all, very poorly designed, not only that; but even my first name in the logo is spelled wrong.I sent her more than three messages, she never replied, then I… Top reviewer

I have ordered two t-shirt designs, they were late, one never arrived. I tried to resolve it and got a message saying sorry I forgot to send it a week ago. I asked for a revision and never heard back. Messaged Fiverr and they just canceled the order rather than letting me work it out.… Top reviewer

Fiverr is a great opportunity to get new business without much effort. I have been active for 2 months and have had 5 orders all with a result of 5 star reviews and more work on the way. Excellent! Yes there are restrictions as not being allowed to take payment or communicate outside of Fiverr,… Top reviewer

I don’t know why this place is still called Fiverr. Most stuff on there is not even $5 anymore, plus they have started charging a $.0.50 transaction fee on orders. I have experience poor customer service and a garbage of a marketplace on Fiverr. They turn a blind eye and let many of the providers… Top reviewer

ITS A SCAM… DO NOT USE!!! THEY POST FAKE REVIEWS AND DONT DISPLAY THE HONEST POOR RATED VIEWS!!! If you want to stress out, have someone f*@# you around and throw away your money, this is for you. I have tried 2 projects (both had 4.8+ star reviews, and lots of them) and both times… Top reviewer

A great platform for finding what you need for your business. You DO have to ask individuals many questions and be sure you choose the one that best fits your needs. But to have many offers in one place from all over the world is awesome. There is someone willing to do whatever you need… Top reviewer

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June 11, 2018

I am a buyer. I used the ‘request’ feature. I asked for programming help. But I got an account warning. I do not know the reason. feel bad. They only send ‘automatic messages’. Detailed reasons are not explained.

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