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One of the best advertisements for Flow web-based project and task management software is knowing that it was originally developed as an internal tool for a large company. In other words, this tool has been thoroughly tried, tested and tweaked. Flow promises ease of use, and reviews reflect this. Pricing is based on the number of users, with everyone getting every feature. You can use Flow on your desktop, iPad, iPhone or Android device as well as on Slack. Manage, archive and export your team projects without unnecessary frills.

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Pros The off the shelf compliance packs are ok. They are useful for ticking boxes but not sure how effective they are for actual learning. Cons The course builder is very buggy. It is not intuitive and I gave up building a course after 40 minutes because It was not working.

alternativeto.net Top reviewer

Good technology

September 4, 2015

Overall the technology is really good. I have no complaints there. It is an ultra-simple but outside of the Flow app hard to integrate with other tools. We were auto-billed on our credit card while playing around with the account levels but after escalating the team made things right. Overall, I would say the overall…

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