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Most suitable for: is a popular freelancing platform where you can outsource tasks or entire projects to rated and reviewed amateurs, semi-professionals, professionals and agencies. It’s up to you who to employ. Jobs can be long-term or one-offs and Freelancer receives commission based on a percentage of the accepted bid. Whether you need a translator or a content writer, a website developer or someone to test your app, you’ll find someone in record time when you sign up with Freelancer.

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It was all nice and helpful. Top reviewer has to be the worst company on earth. Picture this; you worked for a customer six months ago, and they were satisfied with the work and released the payment through website. After a few months, the client decides to issue payment charge back from Instead of the company following up on the… Top reviewer

Going to job every day and listen to Boss was not always my stuff. i quit it and start working on Now i make more money than i make at job :). is love and always will be. i want to thanks to team they are doing great to keep bringing the… Top reviewer

Faced an issue with membership plan , after chatting with staff got it fixed within a minute. Great Support Team Top reviewer

Thanks so much!!!!

June 17, 2018

Thanks so much!!!! Top reviewer

Best live support chat I have seen this year. Kudos! Top reviewer

A good support service from the site ,, I hope I will make good money with it Top reviewer

Crappy service

June 14, 2018

Crappy service. They support with a month free plus membership. and to be fair i payed for an extra month, even if i didnt use the site.I cant figure out, where i cancel the membership on their site, so i contacted support but no answer from them at all.Really S_H_I_T_T_Yservice. Didnt earn S_H_I_T, only payed… Top reviewer

I have been working on my profile for 2 years, after that my account has been suspended for no reason. When I ask them they say it has been suspended for security reasons. After 2 years of hard work I can do nothing with my profile, I messaged the support many times but… Top reviewer has an excellent help service.I spoke with Donna.She quickly sorted out my problem and immediately solved this problem.Everything was very polite and very professional.Thank you very much!

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