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With a self-explanatory UI, associated mobile apps, invoicing templates and a range of integrations, FreshBooks is a great single entry bookkeeping solution for smaller businesses. It’s cloud-based, will track your expenses and time worked, allows collaboration and automated deposits and gives some simple report graphics to help you keep an eye on your finances. With various addons and integrations, you certainly get a lot for you money and the three plans are competitively priced.

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Freshbooks makes my life as a freelancer so easy! I sent an invoice yesterday morning to a new client with the ability to pay with a credit card and they paid the same day! It’s so efficient to import expenses (I used the CSV method) so I can keep everything financially in one place. I… Top reviewer

Freshbooks is the Absolute cats MEOW! Invoicing has been awesome, a sinch! & keeping a paperless track of all my clients is SO MUCH EASIER since I joined. Top reviewer

I find it easy to you and immensely helpful for keeping organized. The ability to keep receipts with expenses and track invoices removes the pain from my bookkeeping. I also find the financial statement reporting to be intuitive, and an occasional glance through the reports help me to make sure that I’m on top of… Top reviewer

It’s a little pricey if you have multiple businesses. Otherwise I love everything about it. Top reviewer

I love how easy it is to setup and use. The customization is great and the reports are quick to review. Such a great company and incredible product. (…and I love the inspirational quotes that pop up everyday) Top reviewer

Its only an invoice.

May 11, 2018

Its only an invoice system that is missing basic tools. I’ll like to be able to: **send proposal/estimate “link” to client **Edit the subject when I send a proposal to a client **Create categories of my services and track income for each category. Hope this helps to improve the system. Top reviewer

I wish you could upload receipts right away and they would match to the expense once the expense posted. Top reviewer

it’s a great program just need more ability to work with project budget subtractions to completely what I need. Top reviewer

I really don’t like how you sell your subscription as having all these features, however, not all of the features are operational which makes me feel that your purposely lying to the public just to obtain new clients. I’m currently transferring all my info to QuickBooks and will no longer be using your service. The… Top reviewer

FreshBooks should be a great product. It’s easy to use with good workflow, the UI is terrific, our customers love it and it does exactly what we want. Except … in only a few weeks’ use, we’ve encountered significant bugs including an error totalling invoices on the dashboard. To our surprise, the response from support…

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