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Freshdesk is a helpdesk app which makes things fun by integrating top-performer badges and leaderboards for your staff.This simple but rare addition to the package can create friendly competition and increase motivation and performance. For email help desks, Freshdesk has a simple, customisable ticketing system. For multichannel help desks, every type of incoming communication can be handled from one board. There are plenty of automation services and security configurations available. Freshdesk offers a free package; paid subscriptions are reasonably priced.

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Pros The assigning rules are handy and notifications work well. It is convenient to be able to search by either company or specific requestor. Cons Mobile application is lacking. Paid tiers are pretty steep in price compared to similar systems. Definitely needs improved search functionality.

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

I can not but praise this application is fantastic. Pros It allows you to support users by phone, email, social networks and by the system itself. It allows you to classify each case for future reports and take control of the followup, in addition keep the team informed with the base of knowledge included. Cons…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Pros it is a good option when it comes to giving support, you can create tickets using the web page, using email, using a floating chat that you can insert in your html pages and using facebook. Track work and time for each task, you can create groups of people. It is a good way…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Used free version

April 1, 2018

Pros I have used free version of it and it feels really great. It has simple web interface which you can access from anywhere. Cons there are as no such cons in this product but they can surely increase the stability as compared to other products in the market.

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

There are better options, do a good review of all products on the market. Pros Does what most systems do, basics of the functionality work with range of acceptance. Now, FD is writing proprietary phone software, get ready for trouble. Cons Bad customer service, avoids difficult follow ups, takes escalation to get anything done. When…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Pros One of the biggest advantages of this app it is the possibility to work through iOS and Android, in this way you can do the support and manage your account in some many devices in only one time. Cons The UX was very traditional and didnt offer a very clean look. I was facing…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

All organizations struggle with issue tracking, even with a platform in place. FreshDesk helps balance between so many details it becomes overwhelming and not enough information to get the job done. A great choice for small- to mid-size organizations. Pros So much better than attempting to track issues via email! FreshDesk has the “old fashioned”…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Pros Simple to use and easy to keep track of time. Can set priority and due date. Can assign to a specific agent. Cons Not a lot of other functionalities. It would be good if there’s more integration between freshdesk and other softwares ex. outlook, excel…Note section might need a little improvement. Also not a…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

The Freshdesk team forgot the most important feature when creating a support case tracking tool, they forgot that customer service is what the most successful teams provide. Don’t expect this from FreshDesk, they will tell you many things, escalate your issue but never perform as they should. Once the conversation becomes a challenge for FD,…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

This is a very complete and useful app to manage the connection with your clients, you can use a lot of channels of communication in only one app. Pros This tool bring me the possibility to have direct contact with my clients through many ways, I can use social networks, telephone numbers, emails, and so…

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