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Front is a helpdesk tool and email app for shared team inboxes which lets you try before you buy. All communications channels including social media are handled from a single desk. Each conversation is assigned to a team member with the option to add real-time internal collaboration.This software integrates with a huge number of other apps with the Front open API. Most reviewers say that it doesn’t take long to get the hang of Front, so the 14 days trial should be long enough for you to make your decision. There is no free version.

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Pros Very useful, you can have it in the comfort of your phone and it is what I like the most, it is easier to use and the customer service is perfect, very flexible and personalized Cons It is a good platform and has no functionality problems, the only problem that we believe is that… Top reviewer

The must have

April 1, 2018

Pros This tool is very powerful, you could have in the same app all your customer emails, chat messages and sms Cons Nothing to say. It’s a very good tool. Maybe the price reduction for the yearly plan is not very interesting Top reviewer

Pros The overall look of Front is simple, which is nice. The snooze function on emails. The support staff were friendly and quick to answer. Cons My company switched my team over to Front after a couple people who shared an inbox had issues with managing it. I didn’t have a shared inbox, but struggled… Top reviewer

Great for Sales Teams

March 1, 2018

Pros Allows team members to communicate all in one place. Helpful in organizing messages and incoming inquires. Cons No complaints but does seem like the monthly cost is expensive per user. Still getting familiar with this software. Top reviewer

Pros What I most like about this app is that I’m able to see, archive, assign, and reply emails in a few seconds. Cons What I don’t like about it is that this application is sold for 10-20 or more users. We currently are 6 but it works fine. Top reviewer

Pros Front has been great to have better interactions with customers and not waste time in unnecessary administration. This has greatly improved the response times from our team to clients Cons Pricey and a nice-to-have in some cases. If this is not something your organization struggles with, you might not want to spend the money Top reviewer

Pros The software is very flexible and allows you to do a lot of things.. Easy to use, scalable to any size company and has a fantastic phone app. Customer support is good and it was easy to install and set up the software. Cons It can get a little expensive if you’re only a… Top reviewer

Pros We love using this for syncing with Pipedrive – the implementation was easy. The powerful autoresponders are helpful as well. On any given day, we can have a different auto responder, which is great because we’re always in a dedicated project on Wednesdays and out of office on Fridays. It’s also a bonus that… Top reviewer

Pros It’s a great way to manage all my email accounts in one place. Easy to use, pretty to look at – it just feels efficient. Cons I’m a solo entrepreneur – and the cheapest plan requires me to have more than one user. So it quickly becomes way too expensive. Would love to use… Top reviewer

Pros I like Front as it is much better than using email for working on projects. It also works really well as a ticket replacement (for customer issues). You can consolidate messages from several sources and then use them as tasks to assign to people. There are lots of additional features. My favorite is the…

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