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Free for Life

With built in social sharing tools, offer perks, campaign templates and permission management, FundRazr deals with both personal and enterprise crowdfunding, charging the average to low 5% flat rate (not including transaction fees). You will find everything you need here in terms of widgets, embedded donation forms, recurring donations, advanced analytics and delegated campaign management, FundRazr has made itself a top runner in the crowdfunding world.

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I thought the experience was great, but the fees could be reduced. Now there are other sites that charge less per transaction, so to be competitive, the fees should be reduced. Top reviewer

Fantastic platform

March 15, 2018

Fantastic platform. I love how easy it is to set up and use, and it has every feature I need–perks, peer-to-peer, excellent user-interface, nice social media interface. Fundrazr is top-notch. Top reviewer

Second year and it was good and great. We did very well and I got the help that I needed Thank you Top reviewer

Really enjoyed using FundRazr – very easy to use and setup is simple. I do with the fees were a little lower however! Overall, very happy though – helped us raise money for a great cause! Top reviewer

Fundrazr delivers

October 3, 2017

Fundrazr delivers. I had a terrible experience with GoF***Me, moved to Fundrazr last spring, and am very happy to have moved. I especially like the way funds are immediately transferred. (GoF***Me allowed my donations to accumulate and then stole them!!!!) The one thing I haven’t figured out at Fundrazr is a super-easy way to thank… Top reviewer

It really did help

August 19, 2017

It really did help in an addition to family and love ones being unbelievably supportive. The only thing that I mind was the 2.5% +$.30 charge per transaction. I did not notice or read that until the end but I do understand why. 😕 Top reviewer

I choose this Crowd Funding because of their support system. I needed money for legal fees for Small Claims Court. I was impress with this Crowd Funding site. The others I contacted not much of support. FundRazr was perfect for a beginner like myself.

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