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This key performance indicator dashboard software shares metrics with your team(s) in an easy to understand way. It is a cloud-based service and easy to configure (drag and drop), tweaking metrics for specific targets and projects by creating different dashboards for different departments.Data can be imported from a huge range of applications and software. The top app reviews regularly mention how simple it is for any team member to keep up with company metrics and how easy this KPI app is to install and configure.

getapp.com Top reviewer

Geckoboard makes it really easy to publish your team’s KPI’s, and make them visible to the entire team or company. It connects to the tools we use everyday, and requires very little setup.

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

GeckoBoard has allowed us to increase visibility of our KPIs and track whether or not we’re hitting our metrics. It also looks cool when it’s up on a monitor in the office.

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

We needed a single tool that can display data from a number of tools used by our organization and showcase them based on specific criteria (such as leads generated in last month, revenue generated by individual users and so on). We would’ve preferred to also do some in-depth analysis of the statistics but unfortunately Geckoboard…

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

We are using geckoboard to display our company wide metrics as they continuously pull from excel

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

The way you can show trend data on a gecko board is extremely helpful when you need to see how teams are doing based on the previous month. Love to be able to create endless boards and easily switch them out depending on our screens.

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

Variety of connections available — can view just about anything in any way. You can also design and move things around to suit your business needs.

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Pros Setting up Geckoboard is super easy, within a few minutes i had all the KPI’s I needed and it connects seamlessly to my data sources. Cons Some of the charts and tables lack customization, the font size can’t be changed and some of the charts are just too simple to be of any use.

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

transparency in our office. easy to view and access analytics for the office.

reviews.financesonline.com Top reviewer

I love that the dashboards are easy to set up and customize. I am also impressed with the top notch customer support.

reviews.financesonline.com Top reviewer

There are many things to admire about Geckoboard. We use the custom Salesforce widget a lot to write custom queries and pull specific data sets. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. The vendor constantly improves the product by adding new features and integrations. Finally, the app integrates smoothly with popular business systems.

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