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GetResponse is a great email app for newbies and professionals alike. It has a very wide range of features, including quality email campaign setups, drag and drop automated email workflows, autoresponders, responsive landing page design, CRM tools with Salesforce integration and, a rare addition in the world of email marketing software, webinar marketing solutions. Although it doesn’t offer a free plan, GetResponse is one of the most affordable top-rated platforms available.

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I signed up for a free trial to decide if I wanted to use their service. I was charged $15. I contacted them and told them what happened and they said we don’t give refunds. Top reviewer

AT BEST THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE WORLD, AT WORST I THINK IT MIGHT JUST BE A SCAMThis platform has some awesome features that I was really excited to use. I completed the free trial period, sent some test emails, attended the webinar, and asked a wide variety of questions – basically… Top reviewer

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Possibly the worst email service I have ever encountered. I spoke to a customer service agent who I asked if I could add my list as I was moving from Aweber to test out this service. He said I could use my list, I uploaded and it was rejected. I expect a full refund but… Top reviewer

Lousy customer service

April 16, 2018

Bad service recovery. No empathy. Top reviewer

I used to love Getresponse but not anymore.Customer service is now awful, delivery rates are awful and they are just want to take your money.I have been using GetResponse for over 15 years with various businesses, projects and groups. Sadly over the last few years things have gone very bad.A few examples are:1. 40% of… Top reviewer

Had been mailing the same list with other service provider without a hitch. Used GetResponse and they deactivated the account stating high bounce rate. Worst part they are not providing the refund for the renaming tenure of the account stating it’s against there TOS. It’s day light robbery by these thugs. Top reviewer

I should have checked the reviews here on Trustpilot before I had signed up to Get-Response. I was led to believe it was the right service for me based on their YouTube tutorials. It was of extreme importance that my new subscribers received emails to confirm their subscriptions as I source my emails from a… Top reviewer

They disable your account automatically if their automated system detects any thing that they don’t agree with, which by the way is far far stricter than industry standards. They don’t even give you the opportunity to have your account reviewed and delete your entire data without giving you the opportunity to export it. What is… Top reviewer

I liked the email services, but the compliance team are aggressive technocrats who relentless deny any responsibility, spewing tech jargon to their customers to deflect blame – and they will delete your lists. They claim to not remove active emails, but they deleted whole lists – one with a lot of email opens. They just…

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