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For adding widgets to your digital media, you can’t go wrong with GetSiteControl. Contact, subscription, survey, promotion, share and follow, and chat widgets can all be found here. This widget software can be used with various custom-code platforms or just add the GetSiteControl javascript to the footer. The integration options are impressive, as are the customisation choices. Unlike many widget apps, the free plan is definitely not lacking, while the more sites you have, the cheaper the premium plan becomes.

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Really happy to see the flexibility and options available in this tool. Thanks getSiteControl, I started using it on a project this morning and already feel pretty good about the decisions Top reviewer

Easy to use and setup.

October 4, 2017

Great collection of widgets and images, integrations, and powerful targeting features. The Zapier integration is great. Top reviewer

I use it in some of my personal projects and it helps me a lot. Top reviewer

I uses it in my blog Top reviewer

A set of 7 website widgets readily available. This is an amazing tool for startups! I particularly like the Survey and Chat widgets. Also appreciate the flexibility to choose the widget position. Now my challenge is not to overcrowd the website. Thanks very much for sharing! Top reviewer

I use GetSiteControl on my own site as well as a few client’s sites and enjoy it’s simplicity and feature set.

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