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Google Hangouts

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Integrated into Gmail and Google+, the Hangouts platform with iOS and Android apps lets you collaborate with friends or colleagues through instant messaging, group calls and chat rooms, screen sharing and, once Hangouts Meet is ready, video communication. Naturally it integrates with all Google tools such as Calendar, Sheets and Docs, and recently has had a complete facelift to make it more attractive to businesses. The old Hangouts had a lot of bad press; the new version has competely revamped a tired product into a top communications tool.

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Google Hangouts is suddenly consuming 7 MB per day over mobile connection. To send a few plain text messages? It’s ridiculous. I turned off the “Improve Hangouts” option but it didn’t help.

alternativeto.net Top reviewer

free calling

November 27, 2016

lets me make free calls in Canada and USA. Voice quality was more than i expected and also lets make conference calls.

alternativeto.net Top reviewer

Not very intuitive

April 14, 2016

I’ve used Google Chat on a few occasions and I find it’s ok but it sometimes forgets the chat history, and it can even forget to notify me when someone sends a message. It’s not the worst solution out there, but I can think of more intuitive apps.

alternativeto.net Top reviewer

Gtalk never left beta

January 24, 2016

i will never understand the love Hangouts gets and it is completely unwarranted. Had Google simply developed Gtalk beyond beta Hangouts might of actually become the Gtalk on steroids version we are still asking for. i think it was roughly 5 years in total gtalk stayed around (the entire time in beta) and up until…

alternativeto.net Top reviewer

yeah.. i like it

December 23, 2015

I like it, i mean… i use it for work and has never failed so i think it’s fine, i like it because it has everything together and easy access gmail, google + and everything i like that

alternativeto.net Top reviewer

On Gmail and on every new Android device there is this crappy Hangouts App and Google do it the Google Way: THEY decide for you and that make me not want to be a part of the app with this redicoulos name that sounds like a 12 year old made it up. And when Skype…

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