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To perfect your customer services department, Hively offer a great looking application. Not only do you receive real-time feedback from your client base, you can also encourage your customer services team by giving rewards and recognition for a job well done. The message boxes are eye-catching, fun and single click. It can be used on the majority of operating systems, including Linux. Hively has been proved to dramatically increase engagement rates, probably due to its simplicity. They have a free plan and a low-cost premium plan.

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Intuitive Product

February 1, 2018

Pros I found this product to be very easy to use and great tool to gauge how our users are doing. I cant wait to see what else will be use in this product.

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Pros It is great to know how your contractors feel about you and the areas, for which one needs to continue to be strong on and areas, were improvement is needed. Overall, it is a very solid and necessary program. Everything about the product is very solid. It is very user friendly and very easy…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Customer satisfaction

April 1, 2015

Customer satisfaction Likes Best Getting feedback from customers in a convenient manner Likes Least No preference really. Perhaps a sorting system to rank ratings Recommendations I recommend looking into a platform that allows for tags and help questions

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