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Competing in the Crowdfunding market since 2009, Indiegogo integrates a funding platform with a marketplace for innovative products. Indiegogo guarantees shipping, offering refunds to buyers who don’t receive their order (on time) and allow buyers to order direct from the product creator. They also host thousands of funding campaigns for which you pay them a small percentage-based fee (3 to 5%). Credit card transactions require an extra 30c on top of this. Reviewers are, on the whole, very happy with the experience but would like more features to promote their campaigns.

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I wish I had visited this site before I ordered 2 items from Indiegogo. While Indiegogo serves as a crowd-fund site and collects the money, it assumes absolutely no responsibility for the quality and legitimacy for the products it sells. I was excited when I read reviews of the Planet Computing Gemini phone-pda in the… Top reviewer

Screwed over one of my favourite YouTubers, no customer support, random cancellations and refunds. I’d avoid them for this, but I’d recommend you do to so they get hit where it hurts – cashflow. Top reviewer

Unbelievably bad support. One campaign I’ve contributed to has been determined a scam. Indiegogo was ABSOLUTELY useless in assisting. The campaigner won’t respond and Indiegogo who will not take calls just continues to tell me to contact campaigner. They even provide links to campaigner that are BROKEN and don’t work. Top reviewer

They host a lot of scam projects. I backed Muzo and got a complete rubbish product. I never heard anything of Indiegogo after I complained about this scam nor got any money back. Top reviewer

When it works it works well.When it doesn’t it allows scam artists to run away with your money with no comeback or ability to escalate the complaint.They don’t even remove serial con-artists when they are aware of issues.I funded a scanner project -it all came through and I’m delighted with the tech.I funded a sleep… Top reviewer

Keep away from INDIEGOGO they find crowdfinders that don´t keep their promises and they keep your money and never deliver.when you ask them to help because you cant get in contact with the manufacturer they just tell you that they can´t help as they have no responsibility to wards the finders!!! they ask you to… Top reviewer

This company promotes and allows further funding of campaigns like Solartab C, even when it’s been pointed out to them that it is probably a scam by many backers. Irresponsible to the point that they are actively aiding alleged fraudsters with no further checks, allowing other people to be potentially ripped off when they’re aware… Top reviewer

We are in the UK and i wish we had gone with Kickstarter. From the blurb there didn’t seem much difference but Indiegog have been poor the whole way through. No real constructive help but more to the point 1) they are two months late releasing the money we raised.2) You cant communicate with anyone,… Top reviewer

Use with cation

April 7, 2018

Not too bad but can understand why people have no trust from this website, also the people who run the site make no effort to improve standards by enforcement which sucks. You sorta just need to use your common sense of if it’s a scam or not when trusting campaigns. So far I’ve received all… Top reviewer

The service is terrible. 25days after campaign closed and still didn’t get any money. No responses either for my emails and complaints. Plus the campaign has been blocked for about 1 week during the crowdfunding as credit card details weren’t still in the system. Terrible experience, paying so much for the service/fees and they don’t…

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