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Due to the high pricing and obligatory training, Infusionsoft CRM software is best for larger businesses who invest significant time and money into increasing conversion rates through personalised email marketing. A ‘new user’ fee pays for elaborate but effective training. For a monthly fee you get quality support and use of marketing tools which include centralised client data, marketing automation, many app and plugin integrations, unlimited email sends (although practically every CRM service offers this), payment collection and data-driven metrics – and an onboarding expert to help you through your marketing strategy. For those willing to make larger investments.

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It’s a great CRM that comes with built in mass automated marketing tools to help grow your business. Top reviewer

I have been very impressed with the Infusionsoft system for email marketing and customer relationship management. It’s almost all I wanted in a system and have been looking for years for. I’m sure it could do far for me too if I used it to the max of its capability. I invested in one years… Top reviewer

Just the best and complete CRM for small businesses. Top reviewer

Great product and support. Top reviewer

Between Infusionsoft and Agency 8, I am really making great strides in taking charge of my life and business. Top reviewer

The company that I work with has been a long time Infusionsoft user. I have recently joined there and have been using Infusionsoft for about 4 months now. I find that it is adequate for what we need. But when I compare it to other CRM’s that I have used in the past, I find… Top reviewer

I am a long time Infusionsoft user and partner (10+ years) and for most of that time I would have given Infusionsoft 4 stars and some of the time even 5 stars. Currently, Infusionsoft is going through a transition that is not easy for users, customers and partners. This transition may or may not be… Top reviewer

I’ve given a 5 star since 2010 but today I’m going to give some feedback that may be slight but hopefully helpful. When I called support when I first started with IS they all were very good at getting to the answer quickly and correctly. Within the last year the people have been very nice… Top reviewer

I’ve been using Infusionsoft for nearly 12 years, and the platform keeps getting better, easier to use and more powerful. Even with new challengers coming – and going – with increasing frequency, Infusionsoft remains both the market and value leader for small businesses. I couldn’t run my business without it! Top reviewer

Infusionsoft have changed my business The automation is incredible I believe every business in the world should have this program Yvonne

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