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Kickstarter is probably the best-known Crowdfunding platform currently available on the web and a great way of taking the next step to creative product development. By rewarding funders with small to larger items or subscriptions, you can automatically increase brand recognition at the same time. There’s one catch – you have to achieve your goal sum in order to receive payments. If you don’t, no money will be taken from your potential funder’s account. Kickstarter will take approximately 5% of the total funds raised, or nothing if you do not reach your goal amount. Which we think is very fair.

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I am still waiting for projects such as Ars Imago’s Lab Box to show any demonstrable sign of sincerity or evidence of production a year after funding. I know that the concept is to back business development as opposed to buying something, but as an investor one does at least want to see that the… Top reviewer

Not any protection on Bakers, so easy to get scammed.I have baked a project for more of 14 months ago, they always come with an excuse, no money back and Kickstarter do not give a d*** about the bakers, I email myself several times without success. There do not care about bakers.So risky, I will… Top reviewer

Too many scams on Kickstarter. Top reviewer

Never use this

May 12, 2018

Never use this, to risky, breeding ground for scam artist and thieves. They offer no back up. I lost £300 on a project that was funded but never received. Top reviewer

Some of the campaigns that are using Kickstarter as a platform is using people to cheat them for there money by offer an unrealized pledge, like REVOLS is really out of any proud behaviour.Be careful how you spend our money and don’t reach for the stars they promise🤕 Top reviewer

I am a superbacker

April 17, 2018

I am a superbacker, but the last years too many campaigns, that collected a lot of money, do not deliver.Kickstarter never takes any responseblity, they simply do not react on emails in which you doubt about the ‘ reality’ of the realization of the products. I wonder if there control management is o.k. . I… Top reviewer

They dont take responsibility for all the fraudulent projects – DONT use this platform. Find other ways to invest in projects.Have backed about 10 projects where. Never saw 4 of them (40%!!!! )Save your money. Top reviewer

No worth the risk.

April 10, 2018

Thought this was a good way to fund new projects but after committing to a pledge and not receiving the goods I think this just encouraging people to scam you out of your money. They don’t reply to your emails and when I raised a dispute with my credit card company they sent back a… Top reviewer

Recommend not to use it

April 10, 2018

I know it is tempting to pledge for this cool, new item and get it at like 50% of the actual going to be market price. But after four years and more than 40 backed projects I highly recommend to not use Kickstarter because you want cheap stuff or heaving a problem with not getting… Top reviewer

I strongly recommend that you don’t use Kickstarter. They have no way of making sure that the projects you back actually deliver the product you paid for. I bought a Filippo Loreti watch December 2016 with expected shipping April 2017. They then said my order would be shipped August 2017. We are now into April…

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