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China’s KuCoin is a relatively new platform offering its own altcoin, the KCS or KuCoin Share the use of which means a discount. Other trading pairs are BTC, ETH, NEO and USDT which is rather limited. We recommend this platform for newcomers as it’s not an overwhelming experience at all.

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Good place for start trading cryptocurrencies.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

F***ing terrible customer service, can’t even speak English properly and sort out the issue

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The site is pretty with well equipped with good charts and nice design. But the main con I find is there is no Fiat payment options. They also don’t offer margin trading which i prefer over normal trading. Overall my experience is pretty good but please add Margin trading.

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Top level ignorance

April 6, 2018

Bad – unacceptable experience, unreasonable and rude conduct.They made a mistake, didn’t apologize, but blamed me for pinpointing it to them instead of thanking.

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I mistakenly deposited ethereum into ethereum classic wallet. I know it was my mistake, but I can’t even get in touch with anyone on the phone and my emails to support remain unanswered. I know other exchanges can help with this, but from what I’ve read, Kucoin just says “sorry about your luck” and they…

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I deposited 1 LTC to buy some alt coins. After doing so I realized I made a stupid mistake and they didn’t have the coins I wanted, so I withdrew my 1 LTC. Depositing and withdrawal was easy, can’t speak about much else. Hopefully they get a bigger selection of alt coins soon

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Great trading site

January 10, 2018

Nice new trading site, i joined about two weeks ago. Perks:1) Many online wallets to hold your coins.2) Google authenticator for 2fa security. (download for free on your smartphone)3) No id required, set up an account and you are good to go.4) swapping coins with a few click, same goes for transferring the coins back…

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Excellent Cryptocurrency site – secure, nice layout and has all the rising East Asian cryptos to search and invest on early. This exchange is growing to be one of the biggest!Can use my joining code on sign up for perks: 1wasK (KuCoin invitation code)

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