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For buying, storing and selling BTC, LocalBitCoins has been a very popular service for a number of years. They support a number of different payment options. As local BTC trading is allowed, you might come across some shifty characters, so this might not be the ideal trading platform for newcomers. Once you recognise the danger signs, we are very confident that LocalBitCoins is a great alternative.

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Local bitcoin wallet customer Support Number ☎✷☎✷1-888-828-8200 ☎✷☎✷Do you have any idea what is Local Bitcoin? Basically Local Bitcoin is a person-to-person bitcoin trading site which is used by the people of different countries for exchanging their local currency to bitcoin. The site of the Local bitcoin allows its users to post their advertisements for…

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Absolute scammers covering up for fraudulent sellers.

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No complaints yet

May 13, 2018

If I had read the reviews beforehand, I would never have joined. That said, I am going to be more cautious in future when using this site. But my experience thus far is good. No complaints, although I have not had to use the customer service yet. Security seems over the top, but reading the…

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Local Bitcoin Customer support @@@@@ 888-600-3545 @@@@@@@Did you find the platform where you can buy and sell bitcoins? If no then visit the Local Bitcoin website. It was established in 2012. It supports every payment method that their user desires. It is one of the most private ways to purchase bitcoins. You can use this…

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Be careful on localbitcoins, lot’s of scammers there. Lost over $6000 on chargebacks. Please improve your identity verifying system.

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ABSOLUTE MADDNESS i had 40 deals smooth and now loosing profits on crazy situations like that, Heres last 3 messages AFTER STAFF ASKED ME TO LOGIN TO MY BANKING DO VIDEO WITH MY DETAILS ETC unbelivable and im te one being protected :):):) i provide all evidences needed other guy send some screen of app…

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All the reviews on this page are either 5/5 or 0/5-80% of all extreme reviews are fake (according to my stats)G.P.

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Bunch of wa~k€&s

January 31, 2018

Robbed my coins support staff did 4 months absolutely useless use anybody else theirs 100s of ways to buy

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LocalBitoins was my go-to place for a long time, however if you ever happen to to the victim of an attempted scam they will ban you from trading, refuse to listen to your side of the story and refuse to accept that they have in fact made a mistake despite having made hundreds of trades…

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The fees are high and the withdrawals are too long and their support is terrible The rest is just fine.

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