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Luno is a reputable platform for the purchase and storage of BTC and Ethereum. After looking at forums, we should point out that you will need to enable 2FA or store your purchases in an offline wallet as this is a weak point with many platforms offering wallets. The customer services department are helpful and although there isn’t a lot of currency to choose from you could do a lot worse than Luno.

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Withdrawal problems

June 8, 2018

I have been having problems with withdrawal of my money in naira. The support is slow and less than helpful. I just want my money I can’t use them again. Ticket #450827

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Somebody fraudently took a 100 euros from my bank account and deposited with Luno. I’ve tried contacting Luno on their site but the ticket/email I’m trying to send will not summit. There is no telephone contact number and no way of contacting these people. This is very poor and I’m annoyed beyond words. I’ve had…

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Was robbed of R1700 within a few days after starting to use Luno.

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I had some issues with withdrawing of the funds, but customer support was extremely helpful in resolving my issue while still carefully maintaining necessary security in retreiving my funds. Recommend!

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Oky so its been 9days since I have deposited eth to my Luno wallet nothing has been done about my matter I need my funds released I cant keep on repeating myself to support my txid is as follow: 0x7cb19154f9659123546a7fb5b3f6e7f289c287f1205457d2fb0c95b1c465c67f I ask you pleeeeeese release my funds it has thousands of confirmations on ethscan but…

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Very good response time for support tickets.

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Luno Refund

May 8, 2018

I made a mistake in using a friend’s account as a withdrawal beneficiary on luno I withdrew N10000 and the transaction was cancelled I’ve neither received my bitcoin nor my friend received the cash for 5days

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Stolen Ethereum

April 18, 2018

All my money was stolen from my LUNO WALLET!! Poor customer support. Pathetic security.Avoid please!!!

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Luno is great:)

March 20, 2018

Fast, and really great. Safe place for your btc and eth.

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I am very happy to mention here, that LUNO is such a wonderful and resourceful wallet I found, where I dealt with the professional and practical team. Being as a non-European person, I thought KYC will be a difficult process. But to my surprise due to their clear understanding and support, I did it in…

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