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This is an amazing library of online learning opportunities with a free 30 day trial. With over 6000 different courses to choose from and the option to create your own teaching plan to increase employee skills for every function and at all levels, Lynda specialises in business-related subjects. Use your mobile devices and learn on the go, get quizzed to test your new knowledge, and cancel at any time you want. For under €15 a month for the basic subscription, we’d don’t think there are many schools that can compete at the Lynda level.

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Cancelled my subscription in April 2018 and received a confirmation email about the cancellation. However, they still went ahead and deducted my account $34.99 in May and June – its distrustful behaviour from such an apparently big player. Im reading that this is becoming a habit of theirs – something is going wrong with the… Top reviewer

my complaint is with their subscription service and poor website design. It doesn’t allow you to cancel when you want and when I tried to remove my credit card their site won’t let me. The videos are also unimpressive and not worth paying for. Top reviewer

I love this site!! Our company encourages us to login and take courses, and there are a wide variety to choose from. Generally, when I don’t know how to do something, I will just search for it online, but I’ve been using lately, and I’ve found some great information- and many of the results… Top reviewer

s partnered with Linkedin and is bloody useless. Very limited courses and of poor quality. Generated auto payments and could not get refund. They would just ignore your emails. Top reviewer

They are not updating courses and not giving extremely import version information for some the course which happens to be VERY important sometimes. This has lead to me wasting my time going through training videos only to hit a point where the course is no longer relevant because something has been updated.What good are courses… Top reviewer

I signed up a month ago to Lynda to watch just one video that i need it for my studies. I completely forgot about the subscription and a month later i found out they charged me around 300$. I completely panicked! HOWEVER, i called Lynda and they were super helpful!! They made me a money… Top reviewer

The instructor was nice but the quality of Video was poor. Disappointing that the platform fails when the teachers are so good and there are enough differences that it makes this training not relevant Especially for learning. Top reviewer

I left because of their pricing, it is absurd they charge to download the sample artwork. That should be a no-brainer and included in the basic pricing. Any place else, the sample artwork / pictures are given with the courses as it should be. Top reviewer

They're nice.

October 13, 2017

I forgot to cancel the membership after my free trial which meant they billed me 240$ for a whole year of membership (monthly subscription for a whole year).So I asked them if they could refund me the money and cancel my membershp, and before even one hour have passed they fulfill my request and give… Top reviewer

Cancelled membership but took payment?Won’t be coming back and getting a refund from Paypal.As of reading an earlier review by a customer of theirs they have a habbit of doing this so I think this warrants talking to the Federal Trade Commission about this problem and will be making a resolution case with Paypal and…

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