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Probably one of the best known email marketing automation tools, MailChimp helps you to locate your target group before fine-tuning your marketing methods to sign them up and keep them engaged. There’s even a Forever Free plan with the basics, great for trial purposes. Test multiple email types to see which one gets the best response and use features like abandoned cart reminders, instagram ads and the mobile app to really pinpoint problem areas and where your marketing is most successful.

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PlainJane Reviews

June 13, 2018

Having a background in coding means I have yet to need their customer service, and so all I can go off is others opinions on this.But I can say that Mailchimp is suitable for small or beginning businesses as they offer a ‘forever free’ plan that lets you have up to 2000 email subscribers in… Top reviewer

Hiring real chimps can’t be worse!Seriously, I hate to say it but Mail Chimp absolutely sucks. After constant frustration every time I used this, I’d advise against others dealing with this monkey business. The latest issue when giving them one more try? I attempt to create a campaign and it won’t move past the screen… Top reviewer

Being a solo founder, every day I regret using Mailchimp. So often, I’ll try and implement a simple thing and it will prove hugely frustrating to implement.I’m so annoyed at the hours wasted and now that I’m ‘set up’ I don’t want to spend the hours embedding/setting up another tool.So that you can see what… Top reviewer

Really poor experience. They blocked and closed my accounts again and again. I asked them to unblock it and received message stating that they did so, but my account was still limited.I switched over from Aweber, but I regret the decision now. Even though you pay for even the basic account on Aweber (MailChimp is… Top reviewer

Pros I am a small business and I currently use mail chimp to send out batch emails. and what I love about using this is that it shows me exactly who read my emails so I know who to follow up with. The interface is very clean and user friendly. and free version suits me… Top reviewer

Pros I like MailChimp – it’s easy to use, I could teach my clients how to edit their own newsletters if they chose to! The templates were great, and there were many different styles to choose from. Cons Price is a lot for small businesses, and the features of the free service are lacking. The… Top reviewer

Pros Super easy way to get content out to folks and make their experience that much better. Use it for local religious group. Cons Sometimes, emails become long and get passed on. That has more to do with finding the right amount of content Top reviewer

Overall, I love it. Ease of use is wonderful. The feature set is packed. You get tons of free emails and once you’re ready to start spending money, the pricing model is still affordable. You really do get a lot of bang for your buck with MailChimp. Pros MailChimp is my hero. Their Freemium model… Top reviewer

Adding an element of a tool like Respondable to analyze the likelihood of someone taking action would take things to the next level. More templated emails to really plug content into, while keeping the design integrity would help smaller marketers get that sexy email look that small brands are also striving for. Pros Account setup… Top reviewer

MailChimp is good for marketing departments that lack a marketing automation function. With very little training, a user can get fully functional on MC and run basic campaigns, create and store content. Pros Ease of creating campaigns is a definite plus, as is the campaign history log. Digital asset storage though limited, is good for…

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