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With near perfect reviews, Mailjet is an effective email marketing, transactional and automation tool supplying a single platform for your email communciations. Build quality marketing emails and see how they are performing with real-time statistics. By keeping up to date with the GDPR, European businesses will certainly benefit from the Mailjet service. It’s extremely cheap in comparison with other email marketing software and highly praised by all sectors.

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They have a lot of false positives when you emails are blocked or even the entire account closed, because of some problems in their software. Each time you have to contact their support, because nothing can be made in their app. Our entire account was closed for 8 hours because of the errors in their… Top reviewer

Not real feedback either.I have since also noticed that this company appears to be posting about itself. Have you noticed that the lower ratings are usually from people that have reviewed other sites and the ones that give dubious positive feedback are invariably single reviewers and usually have French names.Strange that isn’t it – or… Top reviewer

Brilliant – I was looking for a creative and smart solution for my company, very good performances! Top reviewer

Mailjet is a great tool. We switched over from mailchimp 6 months ago and it’s been great ever since.Their email builder is really intuitive and their pricing is so much cheaper!! Their support is reactive whenever we have a question… We don’t regret a thing! Top reviewer

What a SCAM !

May 26, 2018

What a SCAM !24 years in the IT industry, startups and enteprise and I have NEVER come across such deliberately poor customer support and clearly fradulent business practise – I’ve added Mailjet to the recommendations of companies to avoid due to their business practises for a number of uk startups and funding organisations in the… Top reviewer

Today this “automation email” tool has triggered dozens of repeated emails to multiple clients. 15 messages repeated on 05/24 My God, you have ruined my reputation. dozens of customers are returning to me, complaining, spam, and getting off the list.Where I was thinking of messing up the email automation email with your!Company is not… Top reviewer

Unstable, unpredictable and unreliable platform. You will lose your progress. You will lose your email campaign. You will lose everything you thought you saved. No images will be saved. The emails you send out will lose links with your customers taken to a blank page. Puerile and totally ignorant bot like support response with no… Top reviewer

As an author I started building my email subs via companies such as Instafreebie and Book Funnel. I quickly outgrew the 2k free limit with Mailchimp so I looked around and found Mailjet. Their charges were excellent, the UI was user friendly so after a month’s trial in February 2018 I signed up for a… Top reviewer

j’ai adoré Mailjet dès le 1er contact!authentification du domaine: les paramétrages spf et dkim, c top! Top reviewer

Simple and reliable

May 15, 2018

Simple and reliable

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