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With 2FA and 256 bit encryption, Neteller is a secure method of sending and receiving payments quickly and easily. Individuals can apply for the pre-paid Net+ card when they don’t have a credit card, opening up the potential market to include correct payment by those who aren’t considered eligible for credit. Often used for betting purposes (due to the rapid transaction rates), you can be sure that Netteller will transfer sums quickly and safely. Foreign exchange fees are currently 3.99% which seems to be the norm. Fees are very transparent on the website, if a little steep sometimes.

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Worst website I’ve ever used. Will be transferring loan just so I don’t have to use them. Chartway Federal Credit Union doesn’t have a real website and doesn’t let you pay your bill through your bank like every other company in business, so they use a site that won’t let you log in and won’t… Top reviewer

I use Neteller through my Bank. Transactions show up in reasonable time and it is easy to use. The BIG PROBLEM is that References such as “POS Pur.”, “Tranfer to” and “ATM purchase” are place in the Description column ahead to the Payee name rather than putting it in the Reference column. Except for check… Top reviewer

Unlike most people here, I find Neteller not bad though. Even though they come up suddenly with their “security-related emails” and disable my account temporary but at the end of the day the problem gets solved by a call or replying to that email with what they ask. Anyways there are some minor things they… Top reviewer

Abysmal. Joined.Deposited some cash. Trued to verify by Facebook…..Failed. Looked at other ways to verify. Passport etc. I have none of the ones wanted.Tried to email them about it.No way to email for support.So they keep my deposits. TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!! SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.DONT USE THEM YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!!!!!!!!!! Top reviewer

I deposit 50E but i can pay anything with it.Paement being refused again and againAVOID !!!! Top reviewer

Verify your identity again and again.They close 2 times my account with nonsense reasons. Now there new trick is to buy a plastic card next to your digital card to verify the ownership or your account! WHAT A FREE CARD! They have that already. I have booked hotels and tickets with the account. Or you… Top reviewer

I signed up to the service, put in my credit card and made a deposit. My account was immediately locked. I sent an email asking about it and they said they wanted some ID to prove my identity, far enough I thought. I send it all to them and get a message back telling me… Top reviewer

Unable to use the deposit amount. Its just lying in the account as bad debt Top reviewer

They are the most disgusting vile horrible company that exists on earth in my opinion. I don’t know how such a dodgy company exists they won’t even allow me to withdraw my own money to my own bank account sent them documents and emails. I AM ALMOST CERTAIN they enjoying torturing me and the other… Top reviewer

Ridiculously hard to use site. I’ve gave up on trying to withdraw funds to my bank account.

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