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For European transactions, this UK payment service provider requires that you have a UK location for your business before signing up which complies with UK law. It was first set up to compete with PayPal, offering the UK audience an alternative to the US giant. You will need to pay a set up fee to open a merchant account which will allow online, phone, invoice or MPOS payments and for this you will need to apply using the online form and wait until your business has been approved.

21 Top reviewer

Payment processed without any problems. Top reviewer

Perfect transaction and fast delivery Top reviewer

Delicious food and fantastic services.Thank you. Top reviewer

Total bunch of crooks

June 14, 2018

Total bunch of crooks, Do not trust to process your payments. No support, no explanation, total crooks. This company should be closed down. They have been reported to FSA. they make Paypal look like gods. 2K of my money held with no explanation, no terms or conditions broken, no explanation as to why. Top reviewer

DO NOT TRUST TO PROCESS PAYMENTS. Bunch of crooks that steel your money Top reviewer

covering scam website Top reviewer

Very good easy yo use

June 10, 2018

Very good easy yo use Top reviewer

They simply steal your money. Go to the police as soon as you can, and block your credit card. Top reviewer

Fraudulent website

May 14, 2018

Fraudulent website Top reviewer

This payment service is being used by some very deceptive and dishonest websites ( If they had any interest in protecting the people making payments they would not be providing services to these websites. Having Nochex as a payment provider and not someone more well known is a sign of a disreputable website. Avoid them!

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