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A global billing and payments solution, Paymentwall offers your customers a variety of payment types when purchasing from your website. It integrates local VAT payments and refunds and has an easy to reach customer services department. Reviews are very positive, mentioning the ease of use and global presence of Paymentwall’s service. Widgets can easily be intergrated into apps, blogs and websites and even offers a Smart TV software development kit and Spider-Pipe Gateway for merchant accounts.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Blocked my Payment for no reason. Tryed to appeal nothing happened.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Whats up with Paysafecard? most of us sign up with Paymentwall for paysafecard and they are promoting their own psc “mint”. I don’t say its bad but think they charge too much for paysafecard just for us move to Mint.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Worst customer support ever, ask way to much info, if there is possibility, don’t use them.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

I made an unsuccessful payment attempt at checking out at a shop, went back and choose paypal. I ended now up with two times paid, paypal and paymentwell.I got back to them via email, they said, that they see don’t see any unsuccesful message, I should forward them the paypal transaction, so they can see…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Replies fast on email and Facebook. And takes responsibility for Samsung-Firmware.com’s mistake.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

I was going to purchase a life time subscription with a VPN company not realizing this company was their vendor for collecting payments. We’re not talking about a significant amount of money either, $150. I get an email from them, not identifying who they were but wanting a copy of my passport or some type…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Charges as a cash advance.

October 19, 2017

Charges as a cash advance.My order was canceled because I saw in my credit card that the transaction was being charged as a cash advance. The order was canceled within 18 minutes yet, they still posted the transaction 3 days later, and costing me 9CAD in fees + its been 9 days and still no…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer


August 26, 2017

ok where should I start ?I have a friend and he wants to play some games on a warmane something site. He wanted to donate but his card was denied. So i told him that i would him my credit – debit for those 10 euros and no worries. He tried from his account with…

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