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The top online project management app Paymo will track time, schedule, manage and plan tasks and invoice for work completed meaning you have the freedom to do more important things. Both freelancers and teams can benefit from this sturdy app to reduce workloads and help create a low-stress business environment. Generate progress reports and estimate completion dates. For Freelancers, it’s Free. Small businesses pay a pittance. Large businesses pay peanuts.

alternativeto.net Top reviewer

We’ve been with Paymo for 3 months so far but the results have already showed up. We mainly use the progress board for segmenting our work in phases and identyfing bottlenecks before it’s too late (columns get to be crowded at the implementation phase). Without it it would be impossible to visualize our workflow. The…

softwareadvice.com Top reviewer

Best on a budget

August 1, 2016

Likes Best The small price and big function. I went through a lot of options and free trials to find a project management tool that offers as much for as little. The time tracking and reporting work fantastic. They keep slowly improving and adding functionality. Likes Least There are a few minor glitches that really…

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