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Said to be one of the top alternatives for PayPal, Payoneer allows the transfer of funds from a wide number of different countries to and from your account and a pre-paid debit card. This site seems to require more fees from USD than other currencies, so if you are dealing in €, this seems to be the perfect solution. ATM withdrawals all over the globe using the Payoneer card are possible, but charged at a rate of around $3 each time. The annual price for this card should also be taken into consideration. However, its simplicity of use, Android and iOS apps and global presence mean we fully recommend Payoneer for your business needs.

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People be warned using Payoneer they can steal your funds away. Payoneer did it with their sister company FirstChoicePay and Choice Bank Limited (both are owned by Yuval Tal the founder of Payoneer). Effectively they have been freezing everybody funds since 9 April 2018, and to this date no definite answer about when they will… Top reviewer

Live chat is usefully but waiting in long time Top reviewer

Supper service with prompt attention to details and issues Top reviewer

Keeping my money with them for years until 2 months ago when they decided to steal money from me and many more clients ,,,since then only lies and b-hit on support lines and now i see those positive fake reviews; remember forever: Payoneer stole millions from honest people, shame on you Yuval Tal, we just… Top reviewer

It-s a scam company

June 22, 2018

It-s a scam company! Don-t use them,they will steal your money,you will never get the money back! Top reviewer

I am happy to I am a costomer of payoneer. Top reviewer

This company stole over 30K of my money. First they forced me and everyone in the adult business to transfer our payoneer account to their firstchoicepay label, both conveniently owned by the same person. And about 3 months ago without any warning everyone that had a firstchoicepay account with Payoneer suddenly could no longer access… Top reviewer

I love payoneer,A Great Company,i will love more if they introduce 2-Factor authentication.Thanks Top reviewer

Over the course of a couple months I was just testing the waters. If I used Payoneer for handling all payments of business, I would no doubt go broke long ago. Here is why:I signed up with the system through a freelancing merchant platform and was receiving and withdrawing payments through it just fine. Then… Top reviewer

Will be great to withdraw USD and EUR on the Serbian banks.Excellent new options on the platform – transfer money between different currency cards. Totally new for me, I couldn’t see currency rates or should be other fees for the transfer.

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