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Probably the best known, globally recognised payment service provider, PayPal is now practically unmissable for a healthy e-commerce business. One click payments and low fees mean this provider has become the provider of choice for countless businesses, freelancers and individuals. They do occasionally freeze accounts for seemingly suspicious activity and transfer of funds will take one to two working days, but any e-commerce concern would be crazy not to add a PayPal widget to their site.

1210 Top reviewer

I can honestly say after reading everyone else’s experiences with PayPal, how the hell are they still being allowed to get away with this!! I’ve had my PayPal account for years set up with same bank, same address, no name change and yet they still keep holding my money for days due to security checks!!… Top reviewer

Worst customer service you will ever see in life.They support scammers, they never respond to emails professionally, instead, they just keep responding with nonsense emails which never answer your queries.You won’t be in business for long PayPal, once customers have an alternative payment method to receive funds on eBay, you will then lose your business… Top reviewer

I have had to open a case with the Ombudsman responsible for finance because Paypal has not released a refund to my account. I attempted to contact Paypal but they refer me to the store that refunded the money. They refer me back to Paypal. I have sent emails but so far have received no… Top reviewer

What a rubbish service stop making things difficult you silly people. I had a new debit card and wanted to up date a new one that simple. But with PayPal you cannot cancel your card ? What is this company thinking, I had to set up weird DD 3-4 payment set up which took ages… Top reviewer

If you want… 1) ripoff charges 2) ripoff currency exchange rates 3) to wait a month for payments to clear only to be then told you still can’t access your money due to technical issues.4) dreadful customer service 5) lousy seller protection6) be effectively forced to accept all of the above ON TOP of eBay’s… Top reviewer

Just terrible

June 20, 2018

Just terrible. They withhold your money for up to 21 days, then after you’ve provided all the information they asked for to prove your identity they limit your account so you can’t withdraw your money! Appalling experience. Unfortunately there is no alternative if you want to sell on Ebay. Disgusting way to treat your customers. Top reviewer

Would give this company ZERO stars if possible! Absolute WORST service I have seen in a while. These people are FRAUDS and SCAMMERS. After I resolve my issue with Paypal credit, I am OFFICIALLY done with Paypal and their unbelievably fraudulent system!!! I will never trust them with my money again. Too much confusion and… Top reviewer

I cant believe how bad this company is!every week there is something new wrong with my account that it takes them 5 or 6 days to solve. Last week I withdrew a few hundred euro to my bank account, I withdrew on a Monday thinking it will surely be there by Friday worst case, Wrong!… Top reviewer

They have numbers go haywire when making. Withdrawal …like virus bug on the key pad had to take a it 3 times to get money transferred I think it’s deliberate they still steal . .it’s no longer we are down with PayPal .eff you PayPal eff your corporate parasites I am going elsewhere Top reviewer

They charge a lot of comission, and you can’t use it in different countries

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