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Due to a quite recent surge in sign ups, QuadrigaCX were unable to keep up with demand which has led to a lot of negative reviews regarding and extremely slow funds withdrawal time. Offers spot trading only with Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin for US or Canadian dollars. An e-wallet is included in the service. If you don’t mind waiting a little for payments, then QuadrigaCX is certainly worth your consideration.

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They won’t execute your money transfers, going in or out. It has been 2 months now that I requested a withdrawal with a Direct Bank Transfer (or ETF) and it’s still not in my account. Through a few emails, they’ve promised me two additional dates when my funds would arrive and it still didn’t happen.…

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April 13, 2018

QUADRIGACX DO NOT have a physical address, they DO NOT have a telephone number where you can reach them, they DO NOT have an email address where they actually will allow you to contact them, they DO NOT answer to questions that are submitted to their Support System…. which, by the way SUCKS HARD…This company’s…

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Company is a scam

March 6, 2018

Company is a scam! I did a withdrawal of my funds via bank wire and it’s been 5 weeks and no sign of my money. I emailed and received a couple responses telling me next week and then it was next, then next week again until now where i receive no response and left in…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Disappointed by their lack of Income Tax Reporting for Canadian CRA. The search term TAX or CRA on their site turns up nothing, and when you submit a support ticket that relates to TAX they send you a form letter that says they can’t help you, but you are responsible for Capital Gains. Although there…

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Horrible experience with Quadrigacx. They closed my account when I inquired about my money. I was proud to be dealing with a Canadian company but they turned out to be incompitant and a complete scam. Read the reviews before you sign up with them and you will understand that I’m not the only one.

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QuadrigaCX has been amazing. I was verified back in november and it took less than a week. For those trying to get verified now you have to know hundreds of thousand of people are trying to get verified. It’ll take some time. Deposits are quick. and deposits into my bank are quick as well. Maybe…

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Not sure why people are bashing and putting negative reviews for the site. I am trading in this for month now and it’s working out good.Understood they take quite a bit of time to verify account but recently there is huge amount spike in people registering for such sites all over the world !! ..compared…

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Do not open your account with this company. The most unprofessional company I’ve ever seen. Have two kinds of verification process which takes about a month from which Equifax verification fails all the time. I’ve opened several support tickets but NO response at all. They have collected my personal information in exchange of availability for…

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This company is a joke. DO NOT USE THEM OR TRUST THEMTook forever to be verified.Took forever for US$40,000 bank wire to be reflected in my accountCalled telephone number and left countless messages – not one call backLeft 10+ support messages – not even one response or acknowledgementStill waiting for my US$40,000 wire back to…

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It's garbage

January 8, 2018

It’s garbage! Takes forever to get verified. Do yourself a favor and avoid this scam website!

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