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An accounting and bookkeeping app, Quickbooks keep your accounts nice and safe and in the cloud. List expenses, make personalised invoices and quotes, schedule payments (even recurring ones) and shares all information with your accountant, if you so choose. Clear and simple graphics show you how your cashflow is progressing. This app will keep up with your tax returns in most countries, from the US to Europe, and you can always try it out for free first. The subscription fee is very low. Which makes this one of the best accounting apps available.

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Very professional and helpful!

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Dany was very informative and helpful

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Excellent service as the problem was solved in few minutes over the phone. Thank you!

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

The online chat and sales call were both handled very professionally. My multiple accounts are all set up now and everything was ask explained. A very simple and easy service to use.

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I found contact with Dany Sultani to be pleasant, clear and effective. My questions were answered, action was prompt. I felt reassured that I could get further help if needed

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Jay Walker - Feedback

June 13, 2018

I cannot thank Jay Walker from the Customer Care – Accountants Team enough. I have had a problem with the foreign exchange on a customer deposit for over a month. I have tried calling various different QBO helpline’s and I kept getting passed about. Jay was more than happy to talk me through the steps…

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Very pleased with support from Michael. Called me back fast too as I was expecting to wait ages for a callback

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I’ve been encouraged to use Quickbooks by my accountant. I am a designer who advises on UI and customer experience daily. Quickbooks is initially quite nice looking however, it is not intuitive in the slightest to the layman. Accountants may not take issue with this, accounts software is notoriously unfriendly however, as a business this…

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I found Quickbooks extremely helpful at first and was delighted with the service. However, after a while I noticed the software was missing large chunks of transactions on certain dates (sometimes missing out a whole month) that was supposed to have been imported from my bank accounts. This led me to further inspect my accounts…

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New company set-up

June 11, 2018

Straightforward set-up, courteous service.

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