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If you need a secure method of sorting your inbox, SaneBox is the perfect solution. It doesn’t read email content, just shunts them through your server with a selection process based on the email header. They will need your email password, but keep it very safe and very encrypted. SaneBox learns from your behaviour; if, at first, it places an email in the wrong folder and you move it, it will remember what you did and copy this action. It works with any email service and any device so can travel with you. There is no free subscription; however, less than €6 a month much for pure peace of mind.

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I’ve been using SaneBox several months now and it’s an invaluable tool to help manage my inboxes.It’s easy to set up and it does all the hard thinking for you when deciding where to filter messages. Very clever! The additional features like SaneNoReplies and the snooze folders have made managing and keeping track of important… Top reviewer

SaneBox has helped me become more organized and better able to focus my attention on important activities and away from managing an out-of-control inbox. Top reviewer

SaneBox is an incredibly helpful tool. I hesitated using it because I worried about missing important emails and not having control. I wish I hadn’t. There’s an abundance of helpful info on implementation and day-to-day use, no email is so important that it can’t wait 24 hours for me to see, and it turns out… Top reviewer

Its okay

April 17, 2018

Its okay. Good but not great. Could be better. Still good however i would recommend this. Top reviewer

SaneBox is a must have for anyone who works within email. Not only does SaneBox help you triage your incoming mail so you can deal with it when it is best for you , it also extracts attachments and forwards emails to various task apps. It has changed my work life! I can never go… Top reviewer

Love Sanebox

April 9, 2018

Love Sanebox – it really does keep me and my email sane! Top reviewer

This service is a sanity-saver! I went from drowning in a ton of email that I had to look at every item just to find the important stuff to only a few in my inbox that are important. Less important items are in a separate folder I can check when I have some time and… Top reviewer

I live and work in Los Angeles, CA. My “day” job consists of overseeing several departments. As such I’m constantly CC’d in tons of threads, some are important, some are not. In addition, I’m always assigning projects or asking for information but, until SaneBox, I haven’t really been able to develop a system to follow… Top reviewer

There is simply too much data in today’s day in age to process emails like we used to. Our brains are not meant to process that volume of data so let Sanebox handle that part so you can use your brain capacity for what moves you most forward. SaneBox has turned my email into the… Top reviewer

SaneBox has changed the way I do email. I no longer have to fret over every email that comes in. I look the different mailboxes that gather email that aren’t urgent and even reminds me to look at the emails that I’ve put off.

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